2 suggestions regarding 10 pulls , ascension items and

  1. I believe that large pulls should be treated like booster packs from any game. There should be at least 1 epic in there, few legendary and rest rares. But, instead of pure character pulls, epic could be a 5 star character or epic tier ascension item. Legendary could be 4 star character or legendary tier ascension item. So, one could get a tabard, grimm, sonia, hidden blade, and rest would be 3 star characters/items.
  2. I think it would be nice to have players exchange 1 ascension item for another of the same tier. Maybe add it to the $4.99/month deal that you can do 1 trade a month? So 1 tonic could be traded for 1 tabard, darts or rings. 1 orb could be traded for 1 hidden blade, shield or cape.
  3. At the same token, it would be very nice to allow for a once a month re-roll of any tier character to get a random same tier character. This again, could be added to the $4.99 deal. So I could trade one of my 3 Khagans for one of the 20 other 5 stars I don’t have.
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