2 Stars hero

Is there a way to get 2 stars hero fastest ?

Training Camp level 2 is one 1* or 2* every 30 mins

Hero Academy lvl 3 does a 2* every minute.

Not sure where you are in the game…hero academy is usually 2+ years of building


My hero academy is at level 1. Slowly progressing to level 2 and onwards. I have 3 TC. 2 at level 20 and 1 at level 17.

What is wrong with TC11? Exhaustive testing has indicated you get one x 1 star for every 1 x 2 star. It really is the best value imo.


no matter how many times i read it…i still cringe


If you want them as food, TC2 and TC11 are the best and most efficient options.

If you want them to use in gameplay, don’t - they’re only feeders, don’t play with your food


I only want 2* hero as feeders. The fastest possible… Lol

In that case @Rigs is right on, you can get them in hero academy but I don’t feel like that’s a value proposition. I’d stick with TC2 and TC11


My heros academy only at level 1. It might take awhile before I get there.

Backpacks (TC2) are your best bet until you have HA at level 3.

Slightly related, what you should be doing if not already, is having a single TC11 queue where you store recruits. Mine is at 244 days now. Not only does it steadily give you a flow of training fodder (slowly but surely), but it also enables you to store food in a second TC (by moving recruits between TC11 and TC20).

I have 2 TC 20 and 1 TC 17. I using that 1 TC to train common and uncommon heros. And am training every 12 hrs. Quite steady, but slow. So, looking for a faster way to get 2* heros.

Mentioned in some of my reply topic. Played this game for a year without any goals. Just build and recruit. Is only when I started to WFH then I start to look at how to play this game correctly.

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i didnt suggest hero academy

i just mentioned it sucks it still takes 2+ yrs to have hero academy

i wouldnt advise using hero academy for anything but rare troop farming tbh

possibly HA10 if current availability of disappointments isn’t enough

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That’s two days running :rofl:

Even by accident


I apologise unreservedly for suggesting you were right, I will mind my manners next time :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m sure you’ve been right before, so let’s just say that’s what I meant it for

What I should have said is @JonahTheBard was right about Hero Academy Level 3. But Rigs is also right that the wait time for Hero Academy is an obscenity


I use HA2 to store iron myself, as I’m not yet getting to Rare troops (that level would probably be better for iron storage too)