2 sets of trap tools were left on the goblin balloon

l left 2 sets of trap tools on the goblin balloon. Balloon came back today I got 2 3* offense players but my trap tools were nowhere to be seen. How do I get them back ?

I’m sure this is a silly question, but did you actually buy the balloon to get the items in the balloon or did you just recycle it?

If you did not pay to buy it, you lose everything in the balloon and get what amounts to be a typical monster chest. If you did buy it, could you please post a screen shot of your recent activity? Presuming you got the two 3 star trainer heroes from the balloon, they should show there at the very least.

I paid 1.99 to open the 2nd chest. And a message came up that these items will be kept in the balloon
2 sets of trap tools. No where in the hell did they go ?
I know a$1.99 isn’t alot, but I want what I paid for. Ballon dissappear and I got nothing. Did not see any option when it came back today. I am pretty new to this balloon stuff and it is rather confusing !

The missing trap tools happened weeks ago. Not sure how far recent activity goes bac

I bought a balloon and 2 trainer heroes didn’t appear in my roster.

This is just an information that there are small issues with the balloon.

The trainer heroes aren’t that important for me.

Found it.Screenshot_20200914-191222_Empires

Says I purchased 1 set of trap tools. I got 1 set from 1st chest, and a 2nd set from the $1.99 chest. Thing is it said these will be kept in the balloon for you ? Then it went away. Along with my 2 sets of tools and my $1.99 ! Goblins are rip offs !

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says only 1 but there were 2 and I have none !

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If you do need to make a ticket, they are actually fast to respond but you will need proof of your purchase with iTunes or whatever android does. Go to get inbox, menu, support

I have been waiting months for a set of rings to upgrade a 5*.

Got it from a recent activity, shows in my recent activity, but still need one more set of rings to upgrade my 5*

Second time this has happened. Put in a ticket but expect the same response as last time…everything is working as intended.

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