2 seperate accounts 2 new holy heroes

ok on one account i pulled justice and the other account i pulled onatel. after i get the to where i can use them where is the best spot in lineup for both

I guess your question is about defensive line-up. Justice tank, if you don’t have a better tank. Onatel flank or tank, if also, you don’t have a better tank.

P.S. Since you didn’t post some screenshots with your heroes, this is the best I can tell for now.

ok well on my older account i have been using a maxed kashrek,and maxed boldtusk. but on the newer account i dont have anyone maxed yet and have been using bold on that one to

You may level a legendary on older account. But not on new one. It is a common mistake. First, work at a 3* and especially 4* strong roster. Unless you pay thousands of dollars, any player shouldn’t level any legendary in the first 6 months, for the maximum efficiency in this game.


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