2 players seeking new home

Look at Global Titan Slayers. It seems a good fit.
Grandparents to a new parent, one married couple, good spread of locations. Chat if you want to…some are quiet.
10/11* titans…no wish to get much bigger. Currently 2 spots. Look forward to seeing you ( I am leader)


Red hot & blue may be a little less than you want but the two of you would have a bigger impression and make the biggest improvements of our alliance of 20 adult active members. We are a friendly group that has been together for only 4 months. We are a merger of two alliances that lost leader so some of us have been together for a long while but very accepting of new members.

If you are a warrior we expect you to use all your flags. We do a coordinated attack but we DONT set our clocks we are not that OCD. Im at 74 but our medium player xp in in the mid 40’s. I’m at 4575 with the mean def around 4000. We handle 7’s on a good day and on a great day an 8 but with your guns you would be taking top honors and helping us move up in the world.

Our alliance is open so you can come and look. You will not have any problem with the alliance minimums. Looking forward to seeing you or drop a line:Hothom but line is note required.

Grizzly Den might be perfect for you guys. Check em out and hope to see you!

Hello Fallen
We are a 50/50 US/EU alliance which works out well for wars. Currently at 27 members and included in our ranks are two couples and another that comes to visit from time to time. Per our description all members hit titans daily and we have coordinated wars where of course members use all war flags. Although I can’t remember the last time we did not use all flags we do understand that real life happens and ask members to opt out of next two wars if they miss a war flag. 2 consecutive wars with an unused flag is grounds for dismissal. War chest has just been filled so good time to join. We are a clean chatty group with more activity on the weekends and during wars. Currently slaying 9*/10* titans. The addition of you and your significant other may propel us to 10*/11* :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Contact me in Line if you would like to discuss further id: romanleviticus. Give us a peek, don’t believe you’d be disappointed.


Only have good things to say about Loot Hunters :slight_smile: always look forward to my visits there. Seems the two of you have lots of great choices! Your next alliance will be lucky to have you. :smiley:

Hey @OnceFallen - I know we only have 16 players, so may not be big enough for you, but we check off everything your list…active players, friendly/family type atmosphere, and 9/10 on the titans. We started from 6 people a few months ago, and have been picky about who we let join. Feel free to hit me up on line or discord.

Good luck!

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Come check us out! We have strict rules against missed titan hits and flag usage (one of the things that I was looking for too when I was searching).


We are perfect for each other LOL :beers:

Twilights Bastion

10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy flexible for players across time zones)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here: http://line.me/ti/g/EZCfX3Q7_v

Ps here’s a wallpaper just in case you decide to join us~

@OnceFallen you’re welcome to come check out We Don’t Kneel. We’re a 3 year old alliance - mainly US East Coast but a few international - with a lot of ‘old timers’ and several married couples. We’re all adults but the chat stays pretty clean or they know they’ll have to deal with me :smiling_imp: We also stay away from politics and other touchy subjects… after all, it’s a game and we come here to get away from all that. Lol

We’re currently at 24 players, so 1 shy of your 25 mark, but we’re all active. We always have 24 on the war field and never miss a flag unless there are circumstances beyond our control. We all know the consequences if we miss and there’s no arguing about it.

Titans are 10-11*s right now. We’ll drop to 9s to get a start on PoV so we’ll have people missing, but again - we have active players and we hit titans.

If you want to give us a trial run, tag me here or hit me up on Line if you have it. My Line ID is kiann87.

Hi there @OnceFallen! We would love to have you both. Currently hitting 9-10 star titans with 25 members and we are extremely helpful and love discussing heroes and real life stuff. Please give us a shot at De Raptors, I will welcome you personally.

Knights of Tomorrow is a small but very chill and drama free alliance. We have been together over 850 days. Everyone is welcome

We are Phoenix Rising! And we too have a smaller alliance but we are a dedicated and helpful family style alliance but still competitive. We are levels 45-81. We are currently hitting 7/8* Titans. We also have a planned war strategy and running and certain color tanks for war. Titan hits are a must. War is optional but most of the time we all participate. We expect 100% flag usage if participating in war. Most of our team have been together for a long time. Most have discord and line for communication. Thank you for taking time to reading our post. Come join us and you too can be a Phoenix Rising!

Hi guys, you are welcome to come back to us. The word you may have perceived as offensive because of the *** was placed there by spell check and it was nerk, remove n and replace it with j. We are sorry if that caused a problem.

Consider, Dee’s Nuts… fun, matches your requirements completely

There’s room and are several couples here:

[Legion of Vengeance]

@OnceFallen when you’ve found a new home, please tag one of the moderators so they can close this thread. Otherwise, recruiters will keep posting here with offers… or at least keep asking you if you’ve found a new home :grin:

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I’ll second Global Titan Slayers!! It’s a great home with a family feel and fits your criteria perfectly!!

Shall do once we find the place we’re going to stay and call home. Going down the line of the ones posted right now to see if they are the right fits, but so far 0-for-1 in that area unfortunately.


That’s so sad. Skip to TBD: Part Deux post #8, and save any further hassle :wink:.

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