2 months later... what's the final verdict on Aegir? Worth the scopes if it's my only blue 5*?

Simple question… If he was your only blue 5* would you level him? There’s so much debate on this one, I don’t know what to think.

Just when I was going to wait it out for another blue 5* down the road, the randomness of this game has given me an overabundance of capes and scopes recently. I think it’s just to mess with me… to taunt me to take him all the way. Including my line-up below.

Once my current batch of Proteus/Gretel/Sonya/Melendor/Wilbur is done, I’m moving forward with Ameonna, Li Xiu, Aegir (6 scopes), Evelyn (4 tonics), Zimkitty (5 rings). Thoughts?

Don’t care about raid defence, my priority is titan fights and war depth.

Thank you as always E&P Community… you’re amazing!!!

I hear he’s quite good as an offensive hero. I maintain that he’s a good tank even despite the complaints. I sit comfortably in platinum and make my way to diamond every day to open my hero chest with a tank that isn’t as tanky as him.


Personally, out of what you’ve got there … I think he’s your best option for the main tank slot in your raid defence team.

Be great for wars too.

He’s my main tank currently and can’t see me changing him anytime soon

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No…or at least not for defense. Out of 9 matches with him, I lost once due to very, very bad boards. One person had Ares tank with Aegir flank, and Aegir helped me take out Ares.


I think he’s good for tank at platinum level. People are upset that he isn’t good enough for Diamond level. I agree. He is not a diamond level tank.

Most people assume he’s a tank but I feel he’s best for offense.

Certainly if he is the only 5* blue, you could do worse (thorne)


A hotm of 5 *, the elite of the game, which, as you are saying, is not valid for diamond, that is, it is valid for 4 *, it is a garbage and throw away the most precious thing, the telescopes. I do not have a tank, I have Aegir and materials and it is still standing. And it will continue, because there is a campaign of the ginebreros so that it is not fixed. You will see, let yourself be deceived if you want.

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By the way, although nobody doubts that it is a tank for platinum and nothing else, it is still a tank A, that the others use, that I only accept those who have Geneva. White and bottled.

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Even if you didn’t intend it that way, that’s more damning than any criticism. You can hold comfortably in Platinum with just about anything including all 4* vanilla hero teams. If aegir is just at that level then he definitely doesn’t deserve the A rating on defense. (Beats a dead horse with dung bat)

You know who else is a great Platinum tank? Kashhrek. If only Aegir was a 5* version of Kash appropriately scaled up, he would be amazing!

As a complimentary question to the original - would you ascend Aegir if he was your 3rd 5* Blue? I’ve got Magni and Isarnia and the scopes, but I think I’d rather wait. He is awesome in a blue stack with Tarlak against titans, but not much else at 3/70.

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I dunno man. Li Xiu is a good tank at platinum level. So is boldtusk or Kiril or kashrek. If I can hold cups with these heroes I think Aegir is good. Solid. Maybe even diamond worthy. As I said, my 4* lineup gets me diamond loot no problem. Aegir is fine idk why everyone hates him. No he’s not Guin or gravemaker but he’s a dope hero in a different category. He works.

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None of those heroes cost 8x 4* Ascension mats, though, which I think gets back to OPs question.

But as long as you’re not forcing aegir into your defense, that should be fine. Everyone seems to feel he’s pretty solid in all other phases of the game so it’s not like aegir’s a wash.

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The people complaining about how Aegir sucks are not ones content to jump into Diamond level just for loot. They are the ones that sit around 2600+ and want to jump into the top 100 now and then. Or so I imagine. If he was a regular hero that was available anytime, then no big deal. The HOTM tag is what upsets people. We all assume that the HsOTM should be overall great.


Pretty much what I’m saying.

I am also frustrated at the level of negativity that is constantly spread which makes people feel bad about the heroes they have, when they may not get another 5* for quite a while.


Granted there is a difference between honest/objective discussion and calling a hero “trash”, but I think objectively Aegir is not a good tank, and certainly not worth raising to 4th tier if your hope is a good tank. Better people know that before they ascend him to final.

On the other hand, he may have other uses, but it will be a long time until I know that because he is sitting at 1-1 and will for a LONG time (unless they buff him).

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The OP is looking for war depth & titan battles. Absolutely, with that qualification, I would say Aegir is worth it. I only mentioned tank strategy because I knew some negative person would have to cry and whine that it’s not guin.

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I would strongly question war depth…but again that is just looking at it on paper. Titans could be good.

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War depth is, I think, when a maxed Aegir would shine. Save him till you have your D, E & F teams to add protection/healing, on cleanups and the like.

Bottom line? Magni got my scopes. When I get another 6 and all I happen to pull (on a S2 portal or however else) i would give Aegir my second set of scopes. Don’t care about all the hatred. I converted to F2P and won’t have as many ‘chances’ at higher level / premium heroes.

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if your running TC20 - Issy is very possible and is well worth final ascension. Yes, I know the odds of pulling her isn’t high…

Aegir is a terrible hero. Especially in defence he is absolutely useless. It is like attacking team has a 6th hero: Wilbur and defending team has only 4 heroes. He is so bad that keeping him alive for as long as possible will help you to guarantee a success. Send all unused weak color tiles to him, there is no response which would harm you. You can activate him again and again and again.

Without any doubt he is the weakest HotM ever. Probably he is the weakest 5*, he really harms his team.


I don’t have Aegir. I wanted him, but not as a tank. I’ve got four better tanks than Aegir. But I’m comfortably staying in diamond and I’d like to have a tank that can keep me closer to the top 100, or at least over 2600 cups most of the time I’m offline.

On offense, his special shares damage (good as a rule) and heals blue heroes, and heals his neighbors when they do tile damage. (Protect against nature may help, but not as often)

If you surround him with blue heroes, then launch blue tiles the healing is apparently quite good. On a blue mono team or a blue/xxx 3/2 or 3/1/1 raid team he should be quite good.

But his special will do that 100% at 3/70. He’s very tanky, so he’ll probably survive reasonably well.

And an Isarnia or Magni at 3/70 will be very squishy and not hit as hard as they will at 4/80. Heck, Aegir at 3/70 is probably as durable as Isarnia at 4/80, tho I’d have to actually check the stats.

In your shoes, I’d give Aegir capes, and hang onto the scopes a couple months, hoping for an offensive blue 5*. (Knights is coming up. Arthur would be another good choice if you get lucky)

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