#2 - MODIFIED - "Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders Member's Logs"

Since I haven’t been schooled or trained in the Profession of the Technology of Gaming; I’m going to CONTINUE to Request this idea in Modified forms until I get closest to ‘Something that’s Technologically a possibility’.

I use CAPS for the Purpose of catching one’s Attention and reference only. Not intending to appear as agressiveness.

SGG Team: If my first post requesting a feature, …
My Idea: A log feature; “allowing Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders access to their Alliance Member’s activities, participation, etc., going farther back than the chat box, and recent War results shows…” is too unrealistic, expensive, or complex, or for whatever reason SGG’s Developers can’t or won’t add the feature I (personally) Originally requested, here’s a MODIFIED IDEA; Related to the request titled, “Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders Member’s Logs”—> I’m asking and stating to SGG:
Is it realistic? I want to learn what Small Giant’s Owner, Staff, Investors and all peoples and aspect’s involved are WILLING to CONSIDER?

If the “Log” feature Doesn’t Stand Chance, please E-mail me.

MY SECOND (Modified) IDEA: What about Greatly INCREASING the Amount of DAYS the “Chat” box shows?

Statement: I TRULY and GREATLY ENJOY Empires & Puzzles Game.
I am one of the three people who created our “Viking Warriors” Alliance about (didn’t recheck today) 560 days ago. We’d met being members of another Alliance. We quickly realized it was a Dysfunctional Alliance. Becoming fed up, we moved on to create our own !
Sadly, but understandably, I recently became the only survivor of the original three.

Statement: I’d like to say these things, regarding the EMPIRES & PUZZLES Improvements over that time period:
Bugs and glitches seem to get fixed in a truly reasonable amount of time.
Bringing the War games on was, for us, a struggle at first.
I think SGG’s Empires&Puzzles have been moving forward regarding listening to player’s reports/complaints in the War’s “matchmaking” results, and in developing some minor features in rewards via daily Quests.
As far as major adjustments in adding other ‘Seriously needed’ features? The more time I learn by exploring the Forum’s features, the more I can utilize it.

Having this FORUM is FANTASTIC!!

To those who’ve read this and like to see it “Come to being”…
PLEASE VOTE and Pass it on…
Otherwise; anything that just sits on a page… just sits on a page! Agreed?
Okay, Let Us MAKE This FEATURE a SGG’s E&P ‘Creature of SUCCESS.’ :blush:

Not sure what your idea is. The complinents and complaints are distracting from your actual idea.

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Rigs, then please refer to and read in the “Ideas and Features” category, my first request (Clearly stated in this blog), “Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders Member’s Logs”, tagged with “Alliances”. Go back about 2 days ago. :wink:

Will do. Just heads up though mods will probably move this one if you dont mention or suggest some kind of idea in this thread.

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Thanks for the info. I thought I clearly stated my idea. Especially in my first request post. :flushed:

I took your advice and edited it. Please let me know what you think. :grinning:

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