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My wife and I are contemplating a change of alliance. One is at 4400ish and the other at 4000ish. Looking for war strategy, titan participation (4-5 hits minimum or somo short of minimum score) and tank coordination of purple or red. We have a good amount of time to play in the game and looking for other like minded individuals. We always use all flags for every war. Line preferred for communication.


Hello! I think Loot Hunters might fit what you’re looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

You can learn more about us here: Loot Hunters looking for active players! 9* Titans, Coordinated Wars

Any questions feel free to message me on line! ID: ittybittyzucchini

Good luck with your search!

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Jupiter3 has been around for a long time, and we are currently looking for new players to replace some people who have left. We are working towards a war strategy, and would welcome new experienced players to help us with that. Contact me on line: Hanselope.

Legio of Darkness would definitely be interested.

We are a top 200 alliance when full and are part of the Last Legion family.

We hit titans between 11 and 13, have a solid but not over the top war strategy.

The alliance has been around since almost the start of E&P and has a mix of US, UK and European players.

We do play hard but don’t micromanage or dictate to players and there is a wealth of advice and experience.

If you’re interested, my LINE ID is andybsg

:pirate_flag: SKELETON CLIQUE [26/30] 11* Titans

You are more than welcome to come check us out, we have a few spots open and looking for active and committed team mates.

Line: muaddib-on-line

You may want to look at Titan Apocolypse. You can line @WoofWoof at woofbarkwoof. They seem to hit all your desires but one - instead of a red/purple tank, they rotate tanks so each color gets some loving.

I have found an alliance, please close post.