2 Looking for a New Home

Two looking for a home both have over 40 maxed 5* heroes Troops 29 and 24 . A well organized chatty Alliance preferably Ffa war , 14 * Titans without let up . Def 4900 tp min we are based in Europe so a good mix of members but not overly fussed


Hi Pillage, The Incognitos would be a great fit for you guys! We’re a very international alliance, chaining 14* with FFA war, organised but with an emphasis on self-reliant players making good decisions :slight_smile: plus we’re very active in chat! Bonus points if you’re a foodie lol

More info on us here: The Incognitos - Chaining 14*, 4800+ defense

We’d love to chat with you! LINE: saltychocolateballs / hendrik_jp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Phoenix Empire family are on waitlist, but are able to shuffle to accommodate long term team mates.

:fire: Phoenix Empire - Waitlist Open!

14* titans daily.
Top100 mythic titan.
Support network of multiple family alliances.

Follow the link for more info & see you soon!


Hello Phillage,

Please consider equator alliances we are a 5 alliance group that has players of all skill levels. For the two of you East of the equator would be a very good fit for you. Please click on the link below and let’s talk. Think we can find a home for you.

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Hey! You guys would be a great fit for Test your might!

Our alliance is 2 weeks old. But very strong players. - drop me a message or contact me on line Lace2022 if you’d like to know more.
Or our leader MKBill

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Thank you all for reaching out we have temporarily settled somewhere for a war and to see how it goes, if needs be we will reachout again to all you guys if things are not so good here

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Ok Pillage you have our information if things don’t work out for you.

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Hi Pillage,
I know you actually found a temporary home. But if things aren’t as you expected, I invite you to stop by our house of Krazy Kats.
We are a well organized xalliance, based in the UK, although we have cats from all over, Ireland, USA, Argentina, Spain. We have a red war tank, and we work with war strategies. Discord is required for these purposes. We are very sociable, with a great sense of humor. But at the same time committed and competitive in what we do. If you are curious, stop by to visit us@ Impossible Krazy Kats.

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