2 Little John's - what to do?

I just got another Little John from my level 13 TC, but my existing one is at 4-29 with his special skill already maxed. What’s my best use for the extra hero? Should I feed him to another hero I’m looking to level up quickly, or keep him for Wars and level him up too?

If you plan on competing in events then i would max him for avalon

I would keep any extra 4 or 5 stars heroes

Never feed away any 4 stars, unless you already have like 50 and they are dupes. Even if you have 30 heroes for wars, always have a reserve - stacking single colors of unleveled heroes may be very effective with a lucky board, much more than running rainbow squads of 1/1s. You never know which colour you will need to counter.

I’d keep him for wars, events and class quests. Bring him to 3/60 when you have no other green to level and keep him there until mats are available for him.

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