2 HUGE UX improvements for Challenge events tournament

Hi everyone,

There are 2 things grinding my minds a lot about challenge events:

**1. The lack of information about how many points I would need to reach the next rewards rank. **
2. What is currently the best score made by a player for this current event for each stage.

  1. is the most important point in my opinion. It’s baffling me that this information is hidden to the players. It’s something usually implemented in others games since more than 5-7 years! (Puzzle&Dragons for ex). It is really giving no incentive for player to try.

Yes, people really interested and which decided to try hard will still try hard but I think that this would open a lot more players to challenge themselves if they see that they are “not that far” from next tier rank. Also, and it reaches my point number 2, knowing where you have a lot of room to improve instead of trying randomly everywhere will let more players dare to take the lead and try harder.

Will we let the same 1000 players battle themselves for the top or try to open it for more people?

It could also serve the very high ranked players to battle more for the top 1, knowing also for them which specific stage they are getting beaten and so, could react about it.

What is your opinion about that?

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I agree, it would be really useful to know this. I think I suggested something similar a couple of months ago. :smile:

I don’t agree with merging post that are 2 years old… Come on…

I can put it back if you’d like. But given that the same request was made 2 years ago & got no votes nor was implemented… :man_shrugging:

As you wish.


About your second point:

One of our forum members is publicating his event score points per level after each challange event here:

As we have seen all type of challange events. These points can be reusable for next. events.

The tables do not show the maximum points, but you can know how many points can be achieved per level to score in top 1000 (or top 100).

Something of that nature was attempted:

The leader board shows first 100 players. I think it would be much better if it showed the bench marks as well.


What do you guys think?

Yes, it would be goo if we see how much score needed for each reward tier change.