2 HOTM with one ten pull?!?


Has anyone else ever received two Hero’s of the Month with one ten pull?

If not, what has been your best pull ever?


I’ve seen screenshots of other’s lucky double HOTM pulls. Yes, it happens. :slight_smile:


Technically, you have a chance of HOTM on every pull. A 10x pull is exactly that, 10 rolls for heroes. That means you have the odds (although really low) to pull 10 HOTM on the 10x pull.

I’ve seen screenshots of 3 max.


Look at that Belith’s look of disdain at seeing 2 Gregs to her left…

Haven’t done 10x pulls yet, saving up the funds to do once and see how that goes. Otherwise, no HoTM for me on any pulls thus far.


No Gregorion for me today sob :grin:

Y’all enjoy yer lucky pulls!


A while ago I got 2 Aerons in one 10x pull.

The next two months I got zero HOTMs… I was upset to say the least.


Yeah she’s looking at them like “Get a haircut, hippie jerks”



Last month I got 2 gravemakers from 4 individual pulls. I got Guardian Panther in 3rd of 4 pulls. Not complaining.


Ummmm… I want panther so bad but Greg keep coming to me…


That’s an AWESOME pull! I wanted Panther too but got Kong so luck has been on my side this series of pulls.


That’s exactly what I want to see after about 100 pulls without getting one HOTM.


That’s rough! Greg is a must have. Maybe a few more pulls? I got four total with my pulls so I’m sure you can and will get one!


Greg is not a must have… At least for the tests I made with him!!!


Not if you have Ares, but man, if you don’t, he’s close with that critical buff (I have both).


Opinions will vary wether one considers him a must have or not, I personally want him for Titan hits so I am content with my pulls. :+1:t5::blush:


UOne thing is to want him (I want him too), another thing is he being a heroe that you really must have to change the entire pace of the game for you!!!