2 Hero’s of the Month in 1 pull

Somehow the HOTM came up twice in 1 pull - anybody ever seen that before?


Yes. It is rare, but it is possible to get a bonus draw off the bonus draw. Obviously a very rare occurrence, but it happens.


Wilbur plus 2 Seshat. I don’t know the odds but that’s a very lucky pull. Congrats!


I’m an accountant, I spent all day today with numbers, I’m too tired to do the math :stuck_out_tongue: very low. Even the odds of a specific 4* + a bonus draw is very low.

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Dang mate that is awesome :slight_smile: I pulled her 2 weeks ago but hey I woulda loved two ! Did you have any luck scoring Kage? I know you were after him for a long time

I wasn’t the lucky one to draw this. It was a member of my alliance. He’s actually in Vegas today but hasn’t won a dime out there. All his luck went to this pull.

I drew her as well this morning. But no luck getting Kage. He’s a beast and I was hoping for him for sure.

I do spend a bit on the game, I got three Seshat on bonus draws, did Atlanta’s 10 pull yesterday and got Poseidon and…Kage plus feeders, sometimes you are lucky, did one 10 pull and got all Renfields and Dawa almost, unhappy that day.

@Venom31 you and me :wink:



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