2 failed wars and now a war matchup that is hilarious

Matchup is way off. We’ve been paired with a top 10 alliance. Our supposed war scores are “close”. I call BS! Especially when our alliance scores differ by over 30k points. They do not have anyone opting out of the war as I understand it. I understand that matchmaking isn’t based on alliance scores. I understand the “formula”. However, I’m here to tell you I’m really frustrated. 2 wars you botched, because a stupid bugged 3* raid tournament. Which didn’t work as intended either. I humbly request that you stop doing things you cannot do correct. That’s what a beta testing is designed for. Don’t introduce an element to the game that doesn’t work as intended. It creates frustration and dissent. As someone that’s put a lot into this game, I humbly request that you strive for greatness. And stop settling for less than mediocre.


In order to understand your predicament I would ask:

A: How many of your alliance are opted into the current war? (How many are on the battle field)

B: If they are a top 10 alliance, what rank is yours?

C: How many of your alliance are cup droppers and how good are you all at titans?

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Hello DBC,

I appreciate you trying to grasp and idea around the grievance I’m expressing so that folks can explain the formula a bit more or the reasoning behind the matchmaking. But I’m not going to steer the conversation in that direction for I don’t want to argue in the weeds or minutia.

My frustrations come in the form of several wars/raid tourney’s in a row that have not gone as outlined of which rewards are reliant upon. But I don’t want to convolute the message by getting into rewards systems and fairness or unfairness. They are what they are. But to F up the process in which the rewards are reliant upon is NOT ok.

To expect someone to do their job is not unwarranted. We are not weather predicting folks who can be wrong 90% of the time about the weather and still have a job. SG/Zynga, get it right and stop F-ing up. Please! And respectfully.

A: All Opted in
B: top 200 ours
C:No cup droppers on our end. Titan scores differ a lot

Sounds like it could well be a tough match, good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks friend. It’ll be a challenge. Good luck to you and yours.

My alliance, Simply the Pest, just lost by in excess of 200 points and then got matched against an even tougher opponent, Flamengo. Our war score is 217931, their’s is 218023. But, comparing player levels, cups and defensive teams we’re totally outclassed. We’ll give it a shot, but it does get tedious being thrashed and being unable to damage the top 4-8 players in the opposition.

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