2 dispellers on one team?

Hi all. Trying to organize my teams for war & much indecision! Only 4 teams & as I got down to team 4, I found myself rather lacking of purple & blue. Consequently, I have 2 dispellers, Sabina & Sonja. Is this a detremite? I’m still a noob. Thx

No it isn’t a bad thing. Lots of buffs out there so getting rid of them is good. And as the other half of their abilities are quite different (healing or hitting), I don’t see a problem. Spare a thought for those of us who don’t have any 4 star debuffers

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Having two dispellers in the team can be very useful, especially if you fight agains reposte tank like Cyprian or Boril, or against Wu Kong or even Kashhrek. Chances that one of them will be ready to fire a special on time is higher than if you had just one such hero.


Caedmon and Melendor are a great Debuff double act for Boril and Aegir


Problem of the same color pair is that they get ready (or not) synchronously. For me better combination is two debuffers of different color like Caedmon and Sonya or Caedmon and Sabina. It’s more reliable.


Possibly, but they are at least different speeds.

And Sonya is still refusing an invite to my castle :wink:


Melendor ignores my TC20 too. :frowning_face:


Yes they are both dispellers, but Sabina is a very strong healer ( 42% all allies ) and Sonja is a fast mana speed sniper.

It is handy to have healers and fast mana speed snipers, for war, since War rules ( Arrow barrage, Field aid, Attack boost ) increase how much damage the war defense team does and heals damage you have done to them ( all three of which are off set by healers and fast snipers ).

Many people recommend leveling up 12 healers ( Belith, Hawkmoon, Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk, etc. ) for war. I have two healers at 4* 4.70, but the rest are at 4* 3.60 or 3* 3.50 for war since those can be leveled with only farmable 1*/ 2* ascension items.

Ideally you would have ninety 4* 3.60 heroes ready for war ( 18 rainbow teams ) since you may need triple strong color to take out some war defense teams. But that would take 31.87 years for a F2P user.

You are not wrong, but.

It depends on the defense team. Having two dispellers ready at the same time may be offset by both heroes being strong color against a defense hero you really, really need to take out, be it center, flank, or corner hero.

I agree with you.

It would be worse if they were the same speed.

But if they are neutral, or weak, color against a defense hero your really, really need to take out then swapping Sabina for Melendor, or vice versa, can be the better decision.


==4* 3.60 heroes==

==Color stacking==

This also works against a war defense hero you really, really need to take out so a second attack has a better chance of working or so you can kill the partial war defense team and get the kill bonus.

Yes. I’m trying to work in this direction, but too many heroes need to be ascended. So, healers are waiting. Once I finished with my 5*, I get back to them.

One of the best moves I ever made in this game was to take a break from leveling my 5* heroes and broaden my support hero base by training up healers and other utility 4* heroes. It literally boosted the effectiveness of my accounts in AW more than any new 5* could possibly have done.

Come get some Mele from me. I would trade full ascended Melendor for Sonya 1^1.

Deal! I have unleveled Sonya, Grimm and Boril, need some green and blue healers.

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Yes, that a good idea. I followed it just recently maxing Wilbur and Wu Kong. But now I just can’t wait maxing Kadilen. :slight_smile:

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