2 different bosses, but they are identical

Season 3, 18-8
When entering it says the boss is going to dispell buffer from the enemy, but in fact there’s 2 bosses. They look the same, but does different stuff.

Yep. That is fairly common. Several maps in S1 do have that.


Never noticed that. Seems odd.

Lol. Go to the ever famous 8-7. Boss stage:


It’s odd you never noticed that. :yum:

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Yeah quite alot of s1 bosses do this 6-8 think one heals n one gives defence down.
Even some of the boss’s in quests do different stuff in movloua one does different then the other

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I would say that if there are two identical looking bosses together, it’s usually likely that they’ll have different skills.

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And I have played for more than 2 years lol
But I have great heroes so usual I don’t need to check the bosses before entering the battle. At least not before lvl 18 in season 3…

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