2 Compasses, need suggestions

There is soo much to learn. Would appreciate some advice on where to go next with 2 compasses and a bunch of choices to ascend. Looking specifically at Joon, Kiril, Rigard, and Kageburado, but Wu Kong is in play too. Where should I focus to improve the most? Thank you in advance.

Skip Wu, get Miki to 3-70 and you’ll have a much more effecient titan smasher. HE’s almost there. You have some great heroes, I’ll look closer.

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I’d work on getting the costume bonus on your already emblemed Boldtusk. Maxing a costume specifically on the maxed one is the best idea. You also need a dispeller. I’d go for Sonya or Cademon.

Is your non costume Boldtusk already maxed? If not id do that. And the second compass i would max Grimm

Good luck

Sorry i have seen you already have an emblemed BT. So as chadmo said caed could be a good addition

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Thank you both for the suggestions. I’d not considered that, will ascend Cade now and start work on the BT costume.

You will ALWAYS use a Boldtusk that strong. The other hero is up to you. Could be based on the color you use or the amount of emblems you have available. Fine start for a new player. Welcome to the forum!

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I was about to give a knee jerk response and say definitely Wu Kong, but I see you have Miki. So Wu is not necessary at this point (maybe later). I agree with the Caedmon suggestion: He’s does good damage and dispels. I didn’t notice any cleansers, so I think Rigard would be a great second choice. Joon and Kage are really great, so I can see really wanting to pull the trigger on them, but I think Rigard and Caedmon would be more useful now. You’ll eventually get the mats for the others. I remember having a roster full of 3-60 4 stars wondering if I’d ever get the fine gloves to ascend them, and I did eventually :slightly_smiling_face:


You have so many worthy heroes, I’m at a loss!! Normally I would advise people to sit on mats and only ascend the heroes they will use

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Thank you for the advice and perspectives. I used on Caed and Rigard. I need to be patient and build a well rounded team instead of chasing. I’ll also focus on Mikki and maxing out my Bold costume.

Caedmon and Rigard are two good choices and will serve you well imo. :slightly_smiling_face: