2° Caedmond +Costume or Little Jon +Costume

So, I could make another one like this one (got all the emblems).

Or I could do a LJ costume and bump hist attak to 861 with a 679 deffense and a 1158 hp stats (node 18, I got enough emblems). Also, he will be a ranger (I don’t consider the regular version because lower deffense, and yes, I would optimice the ranger node three over the originsl barbarian three).
My other fully maxed heroes:
Green: Costumed Caedmond the first +14, Kashreek, Melendor.
Red: Costumed Bt +18, Gormek, Colen.
Blue: Costumed Sonya, Boril, Kiril.
Yellow: Mist, Wu kong.
Purple: Ursena +7, Costumed Ridgard +16, Tiburtus, Proteus.
PURPOSE of any of the two contenders: titans and war, no deffense.
Caedmond is very balanced, and at +14 gives me another fast snipper, plus dispell/cleanse and 5☆ attak and deffense stats. But I got 3 fully leveled dispellers (Caed 1st, Sonya and Melendor) and Sabina and Caedmond 2nd at 3/60, plus Sonya 2nd and Melendor 2nd at 1/1 but as options to bring to 3/60 at least. I also have 3 fully leveled cleansers (Caed 1st, Sonya and Ridgard), plus Ridgar 2nd at 3/60, plus Caed 2nd and Sonya 2nd and Ridgar 3rd stored at 1/1 in case I need more.
And Caedmond has the stats of a 5☆ snipper, but the punch of a 4☆ snipper. LJ by the other hand would have to face 11☆ or 12☆ titans very soon, as my alliance has grown recently.
Any thoughs would be welcomed.

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I am not a fan of duplicates. I like Little John and his costume is really good in raids if you are ok with slow heros, the -64% mana is crucial especially against titans.
Puls, he will be extra useful in very fast tournaments.


I would probably go Little John because I like variety. If you manage to pull Brynhild from the Valhalla portal, she pairs really well with Little John (mana boost and special skill defense).


I agree with everything that @Star150m said. I’ll add that LJ has a decent tile count, so he can be useful in raiding when stacking against blue.

To provide a contrary view – if only to make your decision harder – Caedmon with costume can cleanse while his un-costumed counterpart debuffs. This duo would be super handy in Buff Booster tourneys. With costume, Caedmon is good in Bloody Battles, too, due to his cleanse.


I would build the costume out FIRST. I have two costumed Sonyas. One at 20 and other at 19. Their vesititily is amazing. Caed is a green sonya. You play the cards you are dealt not hoping to match squishy LJ with a hope.


I agree with @hothom. Having both a dispeller and a debuffer on your team is extremely useful; and even more so if they are both fast. I personally would work on a 2nd Caedmon costume, then Little John costume which is also amazing.


Sorry, hothom, not sure what is your advice. I have a Costumed and emblemed Caedmond , with maxed costume. You think that is better to ascend other to the same point +14, instead of working on my Lj and Lj costume (in fact, Lj is at 3/60, the costume is not)? Is that? Because I didn’t exactly grasp the idea (probably because some lacks on my english :blush:)
Btw, you noted I also had a costumed Sonya (I could even have the second), I point it in case you didn’t read it in between the text wall. (No emblems for her though).

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Ty very much @lightsmessenger, @Star150m, @aer3 and @hothom for your replies. I have been doing my mats, and I could posibly built Lj +18 like this: Att 793 Deff 714 and Hp 1303, with a 7% extra mana generation (or 5% mana generation and 733 deff, if the aditional 2% doesn’t make difference at slow).
Maybe I’m overthinking it, before I was anti slow AoE if they did not a lot of damage (ascended Colen, 0 regrets, but left at 3/60 Skitell and Lj, and even Agwe at average). But now, I’m doubting.

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Yes, slow heroes are not very appealing, but that does not mean they are useless.

  1. Slow heroes usually have very high attack, which is important for color stacking.
  2. Slow heroes are beasts in rush attack tournaments.
  3. With costume bonus and the right mana troop, you can functionally turn a slow hero to average, and that is awesome.

Do you know how many tiles does little john normally need to charge ? and the drop with mana troops and c.bonus.

I got de costume and im interested in that info as i have already an emblemed LJ

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Slow heroes need 12 matched tiles to charge (or 6 ghosted tiles).

To bring him down to 11 tiles you need 10% mana boost, so the costume bonus (5%) and a level 1 mana troop (5%).

To get to 10 tiles (same as average) would be possible with 20% mana, which translates to either:

costume bonus (5%) and a level 28 mana troop (15%)
the costume bonus (5%) mana node (2%) and a level 23 mana troop (13%).

To bring him to 9 tiles is possible with 34% mana boost. This can be done with costume bonus (5%), level 1 mana troop (5%) and a mana buffing hero (brynhild, Ariel, Lancelot, etc) (24% mana).


LJ kinda becomes mostly unusable later in the game, LJ with costume will be viable for longer due to stat boost but eventually he ends up on the shelf too.

Both caedmons will always have utility for you in wars vs. blue tanks.

Just something to keep in mind for the long run. I don’t think it’s the wrong move to ascend LJ for now though.


That is a good point, ty. Don’t you think I could regret the mats on Lj later?

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Not really- at the end game stage when you’ve ascended a whole bunch of 5 star heroes, 3 star mats like sturdy shields and fine gloves aren’t really that scarce anymore. You’re more worried about wasting 4 star mats like mysterious tonics at that point.