2 AW Scoring Questions

1). It appears that team point values are not standardized (x power = x points) but are relative to the team power of other players within an alliance. Is this correct?

2). Can someone explain what the highest possible alliance war score is?

  1. Each alliance is worth a total of 1500 points (give or take a few for rounding). These points are distributed to each alliance member based on the combined HP of their defense team. The higher the HP, the more points they’re worth.

  2. In theory, the best possible war would be if both members of a 2-member alliance use their 6 flags to one-shot the single member of a one-member alliance. This would yield a total score of (12 x 1500) = 18000.


Excellent. Thanks. I should have clarified a little more on the question about max score. I’m in a 30 member alliance, so if we fought another 30 member alliance then the max score would be 9,000 points I believe (1,500 x 6 one-shots).

We’ve been around 3,500-4,000 points so we have a lot of room to grow.

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