2* and 3* troop leveling, when to stop?

I recently realized i have been very neglectful in my troop leveling. I have dozens of each element and i keep staring at my full food storages.
Duhhhhh dumb bunny

I am f2p, mid-level, so i still do all event, seasonal and restricted challenges, that i can. I am also semi- casual, i play everyday with main and my alts, but i do not push hard for “glory and garters”.

I am a cup dropper, i dont raid often, but i do revenge to fill my chests.

All that said, 2* and 3* troops have a place, but do they need to be maxed to be effective for lower tier events?
I am not looking for any specific hero/troop match-up advice, per se, just wondering if there is a good point to stop feeding them, so i can work more on the 4* i do have?

Currently i only work 1 type of 2* per element. I do have a few 3* troops for each element started, but only a few above a level 6.

And as i stated above, i have feeders, just wondering if i need to focus on a one 9f each element? 2? 3?

And of course, what levels would be “good enough, move on”

Thanks to the friendly and informative forum, in advance

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People usually don’t level 2* and 3* troops but if you won’t be trying to get 4* troops, leveling 3* troops is fine. Definitely wouldn’t level 2* though. Those are like a food source. You can level a 2* troop as much as you want and I think a 3* troop base stats will still be better.

@Xero786 has won many events without any levels on 2* or 3* troops. Not sure if the new weekly raid tournaments will make them worth leveling at all or not.

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Everyone in the top 100 of events do it without leveled 3* troops lol. There’ll be the occasional team with a single 3* troop who got a few levels.

Without even a rainbow 4* troop bench, not to mention, lacking the decent 4* and 5* heros to pair them with, doesnt it seem smart to to keep up some leveling to the lower brackets?

Strongly recommend don’t level 2* troops. Those are a food source and you’ll miss all the 1* troops you spent on 2* troops one day because you’ll be in very short supply if you get a 4* troop.

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I have a few 4* troops, but i still need to play lower quests that only allow 2* or even 3* troops.
My question, from the beginning is…
At what point is leveling lower troops “high enough” to help in the lower level events.
I understand that 4* is the best, i want to know about the rest

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I would recommend considering the rare tier of events you can only use 2* troops in those at all and while some advise using them as a food source I would consider keeping a few, around 2 of each element for events. I leveled mine up to level 6 or so personally, but anywhere between 3 and 8 should likely be fine if you want to have a healthy balance.

I agree that anything beyond about level 8 might be too much for 2* troops.

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They don’t “need” to be leveled though. Check the leaderboard of the rare category next event, everyone will be using level one 2* troops.

I’m c2p, have been playing for a year. I have 5 2 and 3 star troops of each color. 2* unlevelled, 3* one up to lvl8 for each color. Every 2* and 3* I got is put into my 4* troops or or if I don’t have 4*, then kept in stock after the one 3* I leveled for that color reached lvl8. I have had 4* troops for red, yellow and green, so I played with those + the leveled 3* - titan raid war worked ok.

Two weeks ago I got my first blue 4*, I’m putting the saved up feeders into it as much as my food allows, it is at lvl15 now. In practice my 4* blue is getting almost a year of 1, 2 and 3 star troops saved up.

I feel that my lvl8 3* was performing enough to do some damage, and now I’m glad I manage to push up my 4* because of having enough feeders.

Still waiting for a purple 4*…

This worked for me, but I had several disputes with myself on what happenes if I never get a 4* (never=not before I get enough of the game). Because all those saved up feeders would have been wasted without getting a 4*. I decided to wait because at each decision point I felt I have at least a few more month here.


I feed 2* and up troops to my main 4* troops, 1* I scatter around to secondary 4*, attack 3*, attack 2* troops. I suspect this will pay dividends in the raid challenges where successful defense matters and up to 16% attack + the 20% attack buff inherent in defense will be meaningful.

There is a spread sheet on troops (here on the forum) that answers your question. @Aspeyes .let me find it and paste it here for you.

Troops - Which troops do I keep?. On almost the very bottom of this forum are spread sheets. I think someone mentioned for troop lvl 2 & 3 Starred troops to stop leveling at 10.

you have everything you nedaasda

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5 of each color is what I have leveled to around 5-10 in both 2* and 3* It adds lots of power when you run a 5X color stack. I Run a 5X color stack on EVERY raid and war hit. I run a 4-Wu Kong titan or a 5X yellow on titan

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