2 5* pulls from first 2 TC20 tries...so why does it feel like a booby prize?

Firstly I know this is crazy lucky to happen and I’m not bragging…honest :joy:

I pulled Leonidas first and then Thorne today and to date my only other 5* is Khagan which I got during a 10 pull in an Atlantis. I’ve done maybe 50 gem summons over 6 months so I have a really solid 4* team of about 3500 TP

The issue is after the initial excitement of finally being able to compare the stats of actual 5* the opinions of Thorne and Leo deflated me a lot. Thorne I get, his special is lacking something but Leo looks alright.

I know I really shouldn’t complain as people have pulled a lot more with a heck of a lot less 5* full stop but with ascension items still building you do wonder if they are worth taking past the ascension walls or just taking to 2/60 and using in wars??

Thoughts welcome (be nice, my first post :wink:)


Hello and welcome to the forum…
Wow, well congratulation for 1st double *5 strike from TC20.
We are the same situation, I already get my first 2 pull from TC20, and yesterday is my 2nd pull so far, but with different result, 1st is Wu Kong (my 3rd), and Karil (food) :sweat_smile:

Well, Leonidas is good at defense war in wing as I’m heard from this community so far.
And Thorne is also good after buff from last update (about V20).

About to ascend, I think we would to know the rest of your rosters. And suggested to have base solid 2-3 rainbow *3 and *4 heroes.

So that’s my main teams. I ascended a load of 3* for the tournaments and events so have a few of them

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I know people that would very happy with such booby prize :slight_smile:
I have Leonidas fully ascended for a while and he is part of my raid team against dark tank. I would have prefered drake fong but I didn’t get it so I take the booby prize.
I got thorne recently and as I already have master lepus and miki to ascend I’m afraid he will wait a long (isarnia et magni are also waiting). I often read that some 5* are very bad. That may be true. for people having choice between a large amount of 5* but when you can only expect 5* coming from your TC20 all 5* can be good options. Even Thorne.

@Cheds, I’m not seing the rest… which is not leveled, or all your roster already maxed? and unleveled only Thorne and Leo? In this case, just bring both to 2.60, no other option or conflict so far.

After that, if lack of compass or gloves, make sure ascend Boldtusk 1st before other.

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That’s all the stuff I’ve got to ascend. I can’t help but keep duplicates of stuff :joy::joy:

These were also among the first five-stars I pulled from my TC 20, although not so quickly as you did. I’m totally F2P, so for me, having a five-star is better than not having one. I’m excited about both heroes. Leonidas joined my Trials of Piety team the day I pulled him. (Yes, at 1^1; no, I’m not kidding. My monk stable was that bad.) Since, I’ve taken him to 2^60, and I left him there mainly due to a glut of yellow heroes I want to level. But he is still on my monk trial teams and usually makes a late war team, even at 2^60.

Similar story with Thorne, who is now a staple on my paladin teams. I ran out of blue projects and determined I would max what I have rather than whining about not having Isarnia or Magni. I have Thorne at 3^44 and rising, and he’s starting to get pretty good. Always gets a hit in war. If nobody else shows up soon, he’ll get the scopes and take over from Boril as my tank.

As I said in another thread - using new heroes is fun; waiting for new heroes is not. My poor Leonidas may never get darts, as Onatel and the Vivica I pulled last night are probably ahead of him now, but I will gladly take him to 3^70 when the time is right, at least. Unless another awesome blue shows up soon, though, Thorne is getting capes, scopes, emblems… the whole shebang.


They are both absolutely fine and usable.

Not the most exciting and interesting, but solid and will help you win lots of raids, wars and events.

The forum often focuses on the cutting edge or the ideal combination, but those two are bread-and-butter front line soldiers.


Leonidas is my second yellow 5* and he is more useable than I thought. If you pair him with other heroes he actually does really well.

Defense down then Leo hurts them pretty good

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I can’t say anything about Leonidas as I don’t have him. Thorne is my first blue 5*. I maxed his as I didn’t expect any other 5* in the nearest future and used him together with Wilbur or Grimm. Once I got Isarnia and maxed her it happened so that Thorne sits on the bench most of the time.
So, I’d say that it depends on your budget and available ascension items. It is safe to take Thorne to 2/60 and use him in AW and emblem quests. If you have plenty of items to ascend him to 3.70 it will be even better, but it is worth waiting for another good 5* even a classic one like Isagrnia or Magni.


Red: I don’t know if you have Boldtusk late over Khagan or not, but blades should be give to Boldtusk 1st before Khagan, but no problem, next focus Boldtusk before any *4 and *5 heroes. then Scarlett, Gormek. Keep Khagan to 3.70, and ascend *4 solid 1st (specially Boldtusk and Scarlett for long term use).

Blue: let Boril at 3.60, and continue Triton to 3.60, decide later depend on need, but I prefer Kiril and Sonya, if will come from TC20. Then start leveling Throne.

Green: Finish Mnesseus, Melendor

Yellow: Ascend Li Xiu, good asset for your tank in platinum and low diamond later can be as wing/flank. Or if you prefer Boril as tank, you can start level Leonidas, as you can 2-punch with Jackal, very nice.

Purple: Rigard


I pulled Viv and Richard in my first 7 Tc20 pulls, since then 70 consecutive pulls without another 5*.

I stopped Tc20, hope you will continue to get 5* at a decent rate.

@jinbatsu Yeah I chucked the Hidden blades at Khagan out of excitement of having a 5* but afterwards knew I’d cocked up. Especially as Hidden blades and Compasses are what I struggle with. I have tonnes of the other stuff but I’m constrained on when compasses drop.

I’m with you on Li Xiu…she’s been surprisingly useful in raids and wars since I got her to 3/60. Will definitely finish her when I get a compass :joy:


I would go ahead and suspect that the reason you feel this way is similar to the way I felt when I pulled my first 4* many aeons ago: Cyprian. So excited was I upon getting my first 4* hero ever that I went and wanted to validate my own triumph only to see the entire forum take a massive dump all over him.

Leo and Thorne do not have the best reputation on this forum, and I suspect the high of receiving a 5* was immediately popped upon the trash talking that you’ve witnessed, hence your first post.

After multiple buffs, they’re both fine. They’re solidly in the “average” category, which is never the best thing to hear, but it’s better than being “worst.” While I’m sure you (and anyone) would love having the cream of the crop: Frida, Magni, Joon, Guinevere, etc, some things to keep in perspective: having a 5* at all is a significant improvement over having a 4* hero.

Having the best mountain bike in the world is not better than having an average car except in the most specific of circumstances. 5* heroes, while similar to 4* heroes, are on a completely different level as far as their raw stats go. I have to have a Caedmon+18 to somewhat match a completely vanilla 4/80 Elkanen.

You could do worse than Thorne or Leo. They’re both fine at what they do. Go forth and enjoy the game and worry not about making a poor decision.

I’d throw Khagan in the dumpster though.

Nah I’m just kidding. :sweat_smile:




@MD-DC :joy: No one likes poor Khagan!

I use him on green Titans with Boldtusk and when you fire of Wu Kong they hit pretty heavy…but then Wu Kong does that to everyone doesn’t he??:smirk::smirk:

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With Emblems, both of those heroes are solid and will significantly improve your teams.

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I think @MD-DC nailed it tbh. I had the excitement of getting them only to read them dumped all over in nearly every thread I read. It was a bit of a downer tbh.

I mean I look at Thorne and he’s got decent max health and decent defence in comparison to what I have already so he will be an improvement. He’s just poor in comparison to flashier 5* blue heroes which is all well and good if you have them I guess :rofl:


You might find it useful to remember just being on the forum puts you within the upper bell curve of people who play this game, so you’re talking about the upper echelon just by virtue of self selection. Joe and Susie who downloaded the game for fun and play it every few days or so are likely totally unaware of this forum’s existence.

So with that in mind, remember that you’re asking the best players in the world (probably) for their opinion.

Also Thorne especially suffers from all of the old data from his past stats. For what it’s worth, I have a similar but opposite problem of having Ares who used to be the best tank back in the day but has since gained some weight and fell off the wagon on his training, so Ares isn’t as good as he once was. Thorne is probably the most dangerous of the 5* that you have because he hits like a train, and if you combo him with Grimm and Kiril, he can delete entire defense wings. I have a Richard who has more utility than Thorne but hits slightly softer, and I’m already impressed by his performance.

They’re all useful. They’re not the best, but they get the job done. They just have the baggage of their past performance which was pretty dismal.


And just to put this to bed I just lost 2 raids where a maxed out Thorne’s special went off before I could drop him (rubbish boards, what can you do) and both times it was devastating to my team of maxed 4*.

It’s like the game wanted to prove something to me and I humbly apologise and accepted my gifts from TC20 graciously


LOL and there you have it :grin:

Every hero has a use and when they are the only ones you have that use is extensive.

The good heroes are the ones you can actually use. They may get replaced later but right now enjoy them.

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