2 10 pulls in a row for a total of 20 3* heros. Come on guys

but that is how much they turn out to be. a summon costs about 300 gems, at roughly 1$ for 100 gems, so about 3$ per summon. with a generous chance of 3% for a 5* (quite a bit lower for HOTM or Atlantis 5*) on average that turns out to be around 100$. the majority of people would run away screaming seeing such a price tag, so they choose to pay 3$ for 3% chance hoping they get it.
it is a gamble, plain and simple. and seeing both extremely lucky and extremely unlucky, seeing both tails of the bell curve, strongly suggests that the randomness of summons is not tampered with.

The odds are clear. If you don’t want to buy gems don’t .
Go f2p and get your tc20s running.

A Really boring whiny post as per normal.

I think the math would be about this to be approximately the same as current summons chances.

Guaranteed 4* 91% with a 9% chance of 5*, 4.5% hotm.

1 summons 1000 gems
10 summons 9000 gems

No chance of 10 3* but no 3* feeders along with the 4* and 5*.

Tc 20 is running and if you are bored with my post stop reading it


That would actually be nice. I know I’m not the only one who would happily do this as opposed to 2600 gems for a bunch of feeders that I get everyday anyway