2 10 pulls in a row for a total of 20 3* heros. Come on guys

I get that you have to control the pull rate but come one ppl. My last two pulls were complete garbage. Even for 3* heros they were garbage. And the couple before that weren’t much better yielding one 4* each. I’m not sure why we bother to make pulls with results like these

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RNG is RNG , its secret of Life , no one has exact formula to count it

you can get *3 with 100x pull
you had chance to get *5 in single pull as well

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Best explanation is below


I know how you feel :(. I am at 70 pulls without a 5*. No love from RNG.

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My old guild leader pulled 30 in a row with only 3*.

Never happened to me though. Every 10 summons always have at least one 4*

Still this game is not really worth my money. I have got multiple of same copies of those rare 5* and there is no way to exchange it for something useful. Submitted a feature request many months ago. Of course they won’t care. All about the money.

BAZINGA. 20 something

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There definitely needs to be a bad luck mitigation of some sort.

Some have suggested, maybe each bad pull increases your next pull chances by say 1% or something.

It’s horrificly disgusting to make customers save up for months on end, use thousands of gems to summon, only to keep getting 3* heroes. DISGUSTING!

28 draws , 28 ordinary 3* last atlantis opening … it happens , not happy bout it but yup it happens.

7 Melias and 3 Banes + few other dupes at the last Atlantis was my ‘best’ summon result so far. Lesson learned…

RNG results are purely based on luck, sometimes they are favorable and sometimes or say many times they are not just favorable, it is Gacha…

The approach is to be less expectant, so you won’t feel bad, when the pulls are far from expectations.

what are the chances of rare heroes? 70%? so 20 pulls with rares only has a chance of 0.7^20, which is about 0.08%. extremely unlucky? yes it is, but then there are people getting a bonus HOTM draw of a bonus HOTM draw (saw a screenshot on the forum, so not hearsay) - that has even lower chance. it is all random and today is just not your day.
but despair not - out of over a million people playing this game, if all of them did 2x10 pulls, you’d be in the same boat with 800 of them.

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I am one of those 800 unlucky people.
Better luck to us in the future.

I’ve had good pulls and I’ve had bad but the fact that it is even possible to do two 10 pulls and get nothing but food is rediculous. The whole percentage ratio needs to be adjusted to where it’s almost impossible to get 10 threes. Let alone get them twice in a row. 50$ wOrth of of gems for food. No wonder ppl quit this game over garbage

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If in addition to random summons the way they are now, a common 5* had a fixed price tag of lets say a 100$, and HOTM or Atlantis 5* 2-3 times that, would you shell out 100$? Or would you keep buying gems and play the summon roulette hoping that gems worth mere 3$ would give you the coveted 5*?
Pleas be honest. Or dont - I dont care, I am fairly certain all these people doing hundreds of summons hoping to get something with a pathetic chance of 1% would keep doing it no matter what, because they are gamblers and that is what they do - gamble.

Define “food”. Different people will be at different places in the game.

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Soon enough, people at different places in the game will find even the fodders suck, after like 20 pulls…

Although, the odds are clearly spelt out, very low for most coveted heroes,… but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show some empathy.

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I would definitely switch to exclusively pay-for-certainty, but the list of heroes I’d be willing to spend on would be pretty short at those prices.

Food are hero’s that are good for nothing except feeding to better hero’s. A few 3s may be worth keeping with the addition of raid tournament. But most are simply food like the 1* and 2* from the daily

I would pay for for a locked in hero. X amount of dollars or gems for said hero. What I wouldn’t do is pay 100 bucks for one hero. At 100$ a pop I simply would have never played the game

This one is the best explanation…