1st time going to "merc"

So I have been playing almost two years now and after realizing we were passing on a titan I decided to go merc with a few of my alliance mates. We went to global asked if people needed help and went to help where we could.

I would not say that I have ever been one who has had a problem with mercing but I am a fan of loyalty and seeing that number of days over 500 said a lot about us as a group.

P.O.V has definitely changed how people go about things and after hearing some of the stories on the forums I had no idea what to expect upon going out.

Saying i had the most fun I’ve had in quite a while would be an understatement. To be able to lend a hand, have a nice chat with some of the newer players, see people calling your name and thanking you in global, hearing the thoughts of what newer players are facing versus when I started, it was awesome!!

I understand there are some mercenary poachers out there, but for us going to where we were called it was met with nothing but warm thanks and good laughs.

I will now look forward to heading out and meeting new alliances and hearing their stories all the while giving helpful advice, recommending the forums, and explaining the marathon not a race approach you must have in this game.

Wanna thank all the alliances who allowed us to help and hope everyone has the same kind of fun we did.


Grats on your first “merc” :crossed_swords: !!!

It definitly is fun & gratifying to be able to help others, especially when you know your flags would otherwise just go to waste.

Extra cudos for hanging out in Global/ AR/ Peer Support & going to help those who ask for it!

Keep it going & Keep Paying it Forward :slight_smile:

I have no more likes for another hour :frowning: So heres a big heart:


I agree guv, and it felt really good being able to see new people so fresh and enthusiastic about the game. I almost forget how I felt when I first started playing here. It was a different kind of feeling that I havent had in a while :slight_smile:


I LOVE mercing.

Helios will always be my home, but when we are on a pass, it is great to stretch your legs, help on a titan, meet good people, and share some tips (if you a helping out a younger alliance).

I know why SG nerfed loot for mercs, but I think it punishes generally kinda a community building behavior.

Edit: and fully selfishly, beating up on 1-6* titans after hitting nothing but 12*+ for the past 6 months is truly truly fun.


This was exactly my experience with the mercing I did between alliances. The best part was helping other alliances kill a titan they were asking for help with.

For me, being a bit of a princess snowflake, the worst part of the experience was needing to hang out in the cesspool of global chat. I required a cleansing shower after that experience!

I’ve since joined a couple of merc Line groups which are much more my style, so if I ever decide to merc again, I won’t need to flush out my eyes!


Yeah I had no idea what to expect but in defnitely felt good to be generally appreciated. One thing I can say that i have witnessed lately even is roster envy causing issues between players. If someone in my allaince gets a good hero I’m super excited for them but sometimes people make little comments and the chat starts to not be as lively anymore. Going out and always having someone willing to hear what you had to say was refreshing.

I had a lot of fun when I went merc’in on a titan pass too. I happened to run into UclaPack and I followed her around and we tagged teamed a few titans along with other random players who answered the help requests. I had done some light merc werk in the past but never in groups which was a blast.




Hi, congrats on merc success!! Just a bit off topic, i have considered merc-ing especially since the path of valor has the quest where we need to knock out titans. The alliance i am in regularly dispatches 4* ones and occassionally deals with 5* ones. Can i drop in an alliance, hit a titan then leave (do it 3x) and gain the progression if the 3 titans are defeated? Or do I have to stay until the titan is actually defeated?

You must stay until it’s down.
If you hit and run, even if they killed him it doesn’t count as long as you are out of the alliance.

Let’s say you join an alliance and do an attack.
5 minutes before it gets killed you drop out of the alliance, and re-enter 5 minutes after is dead.

It doesn’t count and you “wasted” your attack.


And how does that work with the titan chest? You have a cool down of 12h? It adds up? So 2 switches is 24h?

Depends if you care.

Most “pass Mercs” just duck out, use their flags then go home.

Don’t bother/ worry about the titan chest.

Yes, you have the cooldown.
If you want to fill the path mission faster, you just have to let it be.

If you want to have one thing and the other there are several requirements:

  • Find an alliance that have a good damage on titan and more then 12hrs left. Typically half health left and 18hrs still up are a good bet, but you must look how many people log in on daily basis to be sure it will go down.
    Experience here helps to understand which alliance is good and which not.

  • If the titans probably would be killed before 12 hrs, you must log off and then log in after the 12 hrs are passed. The timer is on the loot, so if you receive it after 12 hrs it still counts.

  • ideally the next titan should be easy to kill it, and should be take down as fast as possible. Killing it back to back allow you to get another kill for the mission and leave the alliance to search another.

  • Repeat all of this

  • If you still want to get the war chest, you must do it in that timeframe and return back to your original alliance

Suggest: just complete the mission and let titan chest alone.

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No will just reset back to 12 hours but our titan still had 17 hours when we went to merc so we lost nothing at all

What is proper mercing etiquette? Are mercs supposed to assist with the titan hits only, or are they to also take part in that group’s alliance war? The past several wars we have encountered other alliances completely out of our normal wheelhouse with members who had only joined several days prior. In one instance twelve of them went ex-member as soon as the war was over.

Our leader had read on a message board that mercs are parking in alliances waiting for rare titans and taking part in their wars while they wait. I don’t mean to come across as whinny, but wars as of current are being completely one sided.

When we went out mercing we just watched global waiting for people who asked for help and when we showed up the were nothing but grateful. Some would talk , so would offer people to stay but most of them simply said thank you asked a few question or complimented people on a good titan hit. So as long as you are invited I dont see how it can be taken the wrong way. Now groups just random allaince.hopping that’s a total different thing


You mentioned going “global” to find people looking for mercs. May i ask where this is?

Global chat in the game I would think

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The in game chat. It has an option of just talking to alliance members or global Where everyone shares in

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I knew something about you just screamed PRINCESS @princess1!!! I just couldn’t put my finger on it :joy:

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