1st Blue 5* Vela or Misandra

Read through the HOTM with lots of opinions. I am going to start leveling my 5s and for blue I have Vela and Misandra. Current 4 blues I have is kiril and Grimm 4/70 and 3/60 Sonya

Vela seems to be a better all around for Titan events raids and war and Misandra can be better for offense and defense in wars and raids esp with the rng.

I was going for Misandra but can vela be better since she is more we’ll rounded?

How many warm capes and telescopes do you have?

You should concentrate on 4* heroes first as maxed 4* heroes are better than 5* at 3-70.

You should max Sonya first, then if you have all the mats, go for Vela.

I have 6 telescopes and 5 warm capes.

Reason Sonya is not up is I have a shortage of compasses and Boldtusk rigard and then Caedmon are getting them.

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