⚔ [19 June 2022] - 165th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Fire/ Red

Maybe I’m naive… But face the Hulda with your Skadi. Captain will destroy all her Minions (even 15=3x5) in one, quick shot. It’s very underrated hero.


Day 3
O: 5-0 (14-1)
D: 0-1 (2-4) B/C/D

The second day under the government I fought with

this team


and I won (again). I met

two teams with too many healers


one green mono team


and one team with only one healer in the corner


I think I was very lucky today, because the opponents were not too demanding (green mono had weak tank). In all battles (except Franz in tank) I used

this team

In one fight (against Franz) I swapped Griffin for cCaedmon.

Good luck everyone!


Yup, Skadi can’t kill tough minion like Hulda but for only me, I have x3 Master Lepus costume who will help Skadi to kill those minion ……in the far future :sweat_smile:


Another flawless day in offense. A few very good boards, and a few bad, but eventually they turned. Awful defense is holding me back; still top5 at position 11k5. Defense 0-7…




I have to admit, I am curious why you put Caedmon on the right-wing?
I always put him on the left-wing so he will dispel anything from the enemy first before the rest of my heroes use their specials.

I have similar defense as yours:
Caedmon / cRigard / Brynhild / Mist / c Tiburtus

My defence has A each day, and right now it stands at 6-1
In this tournament, I see people with Borils and even Kiril and any other hero with defence buffs, so it’s good to get Caedmon (in my opinion) on the left-wing.


Because I want Wren to fire when there are buffs, so he hits everyone. But you might be right, and caedmon left wing might have been better.

And maybe using Brynhild as tank would have been better; or using Gulli and not mist. Or I’m just unlucky in defense this time. :man_shrugging:


After many day of my defense,

I think Marcel isn’t bad tank. The problem is at your flank and wing. They are lack of firepower. If you set defense like me and replace Buddy with Marcel, I think you will get better defense result than me.

:smile: If you use your costume version of Caedmon, you will win :smile:


The little issue I see with your defense is, one can dump tiles to your center without getting severely punished for it, swapping Caedmon and C Mel’s positions would have made that difference.

Secondly. I don’t know the path of your emblems on Proteus, but I always feel he is too squishy on defense, C- Tiburtus would have been better in his place.


Day 4
Offense: 4-1

Offense: 18-2
Defense: 6-1 (A, A, A)
Score: 14,696 (before bonus)
Top 1%


Yeah, I didn’t think long enough about Proteus. C-Tibs and Marcel don’t play well together, but c. Grimm would probably have been better for both his punch and attack up.

A nice 4-0 day until I ran into this team with no green or dark tiles. Franz is good at giving out 0 points if you give him the chance!

My defense has won a few matches to move me up to a C…not great but a lot better!


Decided to go with the Magic (Anton - Sergei - cRigard - Anastasia - Ametrine) team today all 5 matches and won all of them quite handily. Used them against both Holy tanks and non-Holy ones. With Sergei’s purple def down and buffs from cRigard and stacks, the tiles were doing huge damage even against non-Holy heroes. Maybe I should have used this team from the start :sweat_smile:

Toughest team faced was the 4th match against a Caedmon - Almur - Franz - Melendor - Kalo team. Fortunately, there were enough Purple tiles to take out Franz quickly. With a ghost lane, managed to get my heroes charged quick enough to take out Kalo right as he was about to fire. After that it was pretty simple.

The last match against cRigard - cKiril - Melendor - D’Andre - Wren was the longest. Not many Purple tiles, but Anastasia’s minions kept my team alive against Wren’s hits. Match went into overtime before I could finish picking off the 4 healers one by one and I didn’t lose any heroes.

Defense has kept winning and is now 8-1. Target has now been raised to top 1%

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 1-0 (A) 2644 900 3544
2 9-1 3-1 (A) 6883 900 7783
3 13-2 6-1 (A) 10556 900 11456
4 18-2 8-1 (A) 14779 14779

Good luck everyone!


Day 4:

1 win then out in 3. 2 more losses to Franz tanks but at least not zeroes, the other one with a corner cWu behind a cKashrek that I couldn’t ever get to and slowly picked apart my team. Franz is a good tank despite being very slow. he’s going to get hit by a lot of tiles and go off and you’re screwed without double cleanse. lesson learned, bring Rigard and cCaedmon next time.

s’ok, my defense was terrible anyway, currently 0-5. i wouldn’t have gotten top 1, currently in top 10, 11104 points, rank 69886, won’t be surprised if i drop to 25.

good luck on the rest of your battles and your loot everyone!


Day 3

O : 4-1 (18-2)

Go with same tactic but use Proteus in some attack instead of Griffin. The board is average by overall today.

Face this all new heroes team in 2nd attack

The board is pretty good and no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Lose in the last attack against this team

I go with C Melendor - CB Sabina - Mist - C Kiril - Proteus. The board is bad. 2 red diamond with some green and yellow but there are only 9 purple and blue :frowning_face:. Gadeirus costume is actually good tank in 4* buff booster no red. He is tough and his buff is powerful. My green and yellow can’t do much. And both enemy Marcel just keep cleanse my Mist ailment. Anyway, since there are only 9 purple and blue, I have no chance to win. And then the big red tile cascade trigger both Marcel with Gadeirus’s buff. That is the end, so :joy:


D : 50%

Up to B for now :slightly_smiling_face:


After 4 days I’m 18-2 (two loses coming from Franz teams). Defense went BBD and currently a C. I used a brynild tank (emblemed but not LB). I will LB her next opportunity as wage seems to do well in this format.

I think I can pull out top 1% with at least a 4-1 tomorrow. Good luck all!


Day 4-1: first loss; 4-1. Board was bad. Managed to scrape a few tiles hete and there, but no tiles in the end, so couldn’t finish franz. He could finish me.



End of Day 4

Day 5

I honestly cant believe that I went 5-0 today.


Score: 18,925 (19,825 if i keep A grade defence)
Top 1%


Why wouldn’t they?


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Yeah, today’s result is amazing to me too, great boards…even with all 43xx team, went 5-0.


My first 2 were not great but not terrible, but the enemy kept putting up counterattacks using 2 heroes, then there was a sneaky Tetukh (or however you spell his name) who seemed to always target my Caedmon, so I could not dispel. However, in this particular match where that happened, I ended up losing 2 heroes (Almur + Caedmon) and then it was a slow win for me using cMel, Brynhild and Hansel (no emblems). This was one I was very shocked to win. I was truly expecting to lose it, and to probably go 3-2 today.

A similar thing happened with cKashrek tank: scoratek / azmia / ckash / Sanngrior / D/Adre

That was a very painfully slow one too but I didn’t lose any heroes on it, it was just slow and the green tiles would dry up (I went mono green using the same heroes in all 25 matches this week)