19 event pulls

19 pulls equalled 19x 3* every one a double & not one event hero …

im guessing since the extra addition of new hero’s & family tweaks the odds of even getting a 3* event hero has become pathetic…

am I surprised , no

I cant help feeling its all aimed at those that pay to do multiple x 30 pulls.
similar story within the alliance too

dissapointed an unserstatement


Sometimes this game is a total crap​:rage::rage::rage:

Sorry that rng isn’t on your side today. Keep kicking a** with what you have.


That’s too bad. You had a good chance of getting Bauchan with that many pulls. I expect to see lots of that goblin after this event.

HAVE ? bit late , didnt get one !

150 pulls - no Avalon 5*s

how many avalon 4* & 3* though

That’s irrelevant to me so I didn’t keep track. They are all feeders.

shame , may have got a comparison percentage on any type of event hero in that 150

160 now. No 5* Avalon hero.

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