⚔ [19 Dec 2021] - 139th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

Dear E&P community,
Please help me to finalize my defense setup for coming tournament. I have many heroes maxed and now confused to select whom from my roster.

Thanks a lot

Maybe i would go with Noril, Gunnar, Oberon Grevle, Sudri.

See here

@Dudeious.Maximus merge?


I would likely go meave grevle c Oberon bauchan noril

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I’ve bailed on finishing the 3rd Treevil as I have a Dark Lord to finish (now he’s awesome)

So I originally wanted the Triple Tree but I’ll settle on the double + Slayers.

If anyone comes acros me I’d like to know how it did…win/lose/draw


Maeve - Helo - Sudri - Noril - Guardian Bat

I think I will try to go with this team


Maybe this…


First draft:

Ulmer is the one I least like out here.


I will try this setup with 2 Maeves and no Treevil:

I have 2 Treevil but both are still at 1/1 :sweat_smile:. So, I will go with C Oberon tank instead. From 2 previous 3* rush attack, even yellow is allowed, I still get A grade from C Oberon tank. So I am very sure that I will get A grade when yellow isn’t allowed :slightly_smiling_face:

I will go with my C Gunnar + x3 C Ulmer + C Tyrum. It is “kill or be killed” attack team but work pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope I don’t come across your team :upside_down_face:

This is my first setup but thinking of switching Helo with my second Noril, lb Meave or lb Sudri.

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Had plenty fighter-emblems, so Oberon got some bling and can do tryouts on tank position.


This is my plan for the tourney….have LB Bjorn as well, wondering if I should try and find him a place :slight_smile:

Troops are 2* @ 10



This is gonna be a very interesting tourney! All teams with the evil tree and 2 slayers !

C Oberon is the beast for tank. If you go for attack path, limit break him and put lv 15 attack 2* troop, his DoT will be about 610 over 3 turn on defense team. Moreover, it can’t be cleanse. However, his DoT is too slow for flank (I try him on flank and it don’t work well.) and will be halve against slayer.


What about gil ra to counter treeville?

Either one of these make sense? Imagine tree Maxxed.

Then there’s this guy too I’m considering-

Does voLermark make any sense here?

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Look at all these Treevil! I dont think the 5 Sally’s and guardian lemurs I got will be much help in this sucker. Who would have thought I’d pull my little heart out for a 3 star and be unable to get it. Lets go with Slayers and a prayer for this!