19-20 Talent bonus for Garnet and Mica

Garnet’s level 20 talent bonus is 4% mana bonus. Is this worth it for a Ninja?
I find it difficult to find information about this since the ninjas charge differently.

Mica’s level 19 bonus is either 2% mana bonus or 2% critical bonus.
As far as I know the critical bonus is only for tiles so that would help some. Again unsure about the mana bonus since he is a ninja.

In my specific case do I only have mana troops at level 11, currently.

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Now, for VF rules… it is applied as VF heroes on 6,5 tiles this table…

In my team, I use 1st key heroes to use mana troop, like Jackal, later I plan to use my yellow mana 17 for Onatel+19, and so on… then my Mica use mana troop lvl5 or crit.
Red: I use Falcon+19 to use mana troop lvl17, and Wilbur+20 use mana troop lvl11.

TLDR: ninja heroes worth mana troop lvl11 to get 9 tiles, like avarage heroes.
Or mana level 5 plus class.
Or mana level 1 plus class+20 (Garnet and Jade).


Do you have any other sorcerers on the horizon that you may like to emblem? If yes then hold off, 250 emblems isn’t a small investment. Your troops will grow over time, but the only way to get those emblems back is to reset, which is stupid expensive for a 5*.

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I stripped emblems from Ursena since I belive that I use Garnet more.
I got Lepiota but don’t have accention materials for her. Missing 4 tabards.
I got 16 reset tokens so moving emblems should not be a problem in the near future.

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