⚔ [18th Dec, 2022] - 191st Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Holy/ Yellow

Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 1-0 A

Day 2
O: 4-1
D: 0-4 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

First defeat against this team:
I can’t say anything about the difficulty of this opponent, because it was a really bad board :confused: I attacked with two greens (cMelendor, c2Elkannen) and three blues (Magni, Raffaell, cSonya) and there were no blue tiles on the board :frowning: Using greens I managed to kill the tank and the right flank, but there were not enough “good tiles” for me to do more.

Second defeat against this team:
This time the board was average, but this defense was too strong for me. I bounced off the wall - first “0” :sob:

My other opponents:

Day 1


Day 2


Good luck everyone!


Pleasantly surprised to see my defense doing quite well, 6 wins 1 loss so far. Considering I don’t have a lot of top-shelf heroes, it’s good

Offense is more meh, 1 loss yesterday and 2 today, not expecting to finish day 4 - already encountering some very monstrous defenses


Survived Day 3 with just another loss. Switched between 4 Purple and 4 Blue (vs Hohenwerf and Tetisheri tanks) with Grazul being the off-colour healer. Boards were good with nice cascades for the most part.

The single loss was against a c2Obakan tank flanked by Morel and Bastet. Got my 6 Purple tiles but an unlucky cascade charged Obakan. Dispelled and killed him but his Superior Revive kicked in and he fired again. Did managed to kill off the right 3 defense heroes so got some points from it.

The next match, Killhare revived 5 straight times before I finally killed her :sweat_smile:

Defense lost 3 straight yesterday to wind up at 3-5 (D). No attacks today and it looks like the offense will have to provide the points this week

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 2-2 (B) 3250 650 3900
2 8-2 3-5 (D) 7065 400 7465
3 12-3 3-5 (D) 10926 10926

Good luck everyone!


So I’m limping through this tournament like I always do with 5 star tournaments, but I just came here to say that the wizard superior talent is incredible here. Who needs a dispeller when cbIsarnia is clearing all the buffs?!?


Day 4 started ominously against an M&M tank

Zero pointer and 4th loss of the tournament. With the hero chest open, bought back in and won the next one.

Then came 3 nightmare starting boards

Against weaker teams, maybe could have played my way out, but against those heroes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
None were zero point losses but no chance in any of them.

Can’t remember the last time I lost 4 matches in a day in a tournament. Of course, with only 10 heroes killed, I needed to win all 6 raid flags to open the chest and promptly did so :rofl:

Defense is down to D (4-8) so just gonna finish off tomorrow and see what it brings. Can’t do worse than today :person_shrugging:

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 2-2 (B) 3250 650 3900
2 8-2 3-5 (D) 7065 400 7465
3 12-3 3-7 (D) 10926 400 11326
4 13-7 4-8 (D) 12761 12761

Good luck everyone! Hope you get better boards!


I feel your pain buddy, it seems 5* tournaments are now more board dependent than ever. It used to be if I put together a well thought out 3-2 or 3-1-1 team, I could win 85% of my matches even with a terrible opening.

But now, if I don’t get 9 tiles of my color in time before the tank fires, I have at least a 50% chance of losing. And oh yes I’ve tried doing almost rainbow teams (2-1-1-1) and nope they don’t work, because I’m too scattered, and simply don’t have enough firepower to bring down even the tank sometimes.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I felt this stressed during a buff booster tourney (even last week’s rush against Freak tanks didn’t feel this bad) but here we are I guess. Looking forward to the bloody battle one in a few weeks :joy: :roll_eyes:

And btw c2Obakan is a bastard, way worse than Hawthorn or even Ludwig tanks I’ve found.


Ouch, @Liam_K , those boards stink.

I was not going to post in this 5* tourney thread, but I did decent… apart from the all purple defense that I threw together without lots of thought. The way I see it, my defense saved me 75 gems. Stats…

Offense = 14-4. Just lost my final match today. A couple zeroes, a couple 170 points or so, on my 4 losses.

Defense = Really bad. 3-5. (E/E/C/?/?). I was not expecting much from a 5* tournament.

Currently at 10,924 points (before defense calculations on Days 4 and 5) which is Top 25% as of now. And that’s fine with me; there is no reason to buy back in.

Best of luck to people still in it , with their Day 5 attacks.

Footnote about last week’s loot…. I got Top 5% for the first time, and was satisfied with it. Another warm cape and some ice aethers, plus the emblems and other stuff. But I have been summoning lots of blue heroes lately, so it will be useful down the line.

Take it easy, everyone.


Almost a repeat of previous tournament except my def is all B this time.

O : 19:6 (4-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-1, 4-1)
D : 4:3 (B,B,B,B,X) If my def stays B, I should end up with 18190 points. Wondering if it will be enough for top 1%, if yes, I’m gonna get unexpected 2 5* tourneys in a row with top 1%, but I have such feeling that it won’t be enough.

Lost against these tanks (I know whole def is important, not just tank, but too lazy to take screenshots) :
1 C Obakan, haven’t faced another one
1 Aflrike out of 3
1 M&M, haven’t faced another one
1 Diaochan out of 2
1 Ludwig out of 4
1 Hulda out of 2

Also won against : 1 Ursena, 1 Viscaro, 1 CB Krampus, 1 Louhi, 1 Bastet, 1 Agrafena, 1 Xnol, 1 Quenell, 1 Set, 1 Liu Bei, 1 Waterpipe, 1 Onyx

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One and out on Day 5 against this team

Took out the middle three, but got killed by Khonshu. Finished 13-8 in attack. Defense is 6-10 and not going to buy back a 2nd time.

Most probably will end up top 25%. Looks like all the luck went into regular raids these past 2 days as I went 30-0 and got a tonic in the latest Raid chest.

Good luck everyone with the loot tomorrow!


Liam, love following your adventures in the weekly tournaments! Please keep up your reporting.

I went mono all week, won 18/25 and is currently around place 1900 (only one loss was a zero). I’m more focused on 3* and 4* tournaments where I have fully built out rosters. 5* tournaments is usually about being the underdog for me as I’m not prepared to invest enough to be a big dog :slight_smile:

@PlayForFun would you mind changing the number in the title for this topic from 181 to 191? I believe the tournament numbering is off by 10 this week. Cheers!


Yes, you are right.
I have fixed it.


Thanks, but it’s been more misadventures lately in the 5* tournaments :rofl: Though, in research, finding out what doesn’t work is sometimes as important as finding out what does :bulb:

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Final results:
O: 19-6 (4-1, 4-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-1)
D: 3-5 A/D/D/D/D

Day 3

1 (Defeat)
2 (Victory)
3 (Defeat)
4 (Victory)
5 (Victory)

Day 4

1 (Victory)
2 (Defeat)
3 (Victory)
4 (Victory)
5 (Victory)

Day 5

1 (Victory)
2 (Victory)
3 (Victory)
4 (Victory)
5 (Defeat)

Good loot tomorrow for everyone!


My loot is :poop: :confused:


Final results

O : 22-3
D : 16-6 [C-A-A-A-A]
D. TEAM : Alucard - Hel - Obakan c2 - Moreau - El Naddaha

Good results close to the top 100 :smile:




Wow 2 5* tourneys in a row ended in top 1%.

Points/rank :

Rank : 7947

Defense : C Elk, Sobek, Ludwig, C Marj, Arfanias

Defense Results : 4:4 (5x B)

Offense Results : 19:6 (4-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-1, 4-1)

Loot : woohoo! After all these years finally 1st 4* mat from tournament :smiley: and another reset token. I’m still waiting for my 1st special book from tourney loot.


Managed to make top 1% in the end.
Score 18732, rank 4752

Went 18-6 on offense and defense was ABCCC I think. Surprised it even managed A and B on the first two days since I put out something really dumb: Athos-Tethys-Khepri-D’Artagnan-Kai. I just wanted to have some fun with musketeers, and would’ve tanked Aramis had I leveled him up in time.

Loot is wholly unremarkable as usual:

See ya all next week!


Final results
Attack : 13-8 (44410)
Defense : 8-10 (BDDDC)
Score : 14,059
Ranking : 80,279 (Top 10%)

Tournament started well through the first 3 days, and then came a streak of bad boards on Day 4 when it mattered most against the 5200+ teams😅
Defense was bad mostly but 2 wins on the last day pushed it back above C and kept me in top 10%. Didn’t matter much in terms of loot.

See you all next week. One of only 2 4* Rush tournaments in the rotation.


Defenses of the top 10 finishers

Good luck copying some of these defenses :rofl:


Forget to post the result :sweat_smile:.

O : 20-5

4th lost in early of day 3. So, I decide to buy back. Then I get many win until I lose in 4th attack of day 5 due to bad board :sweat_smile:.

I think after when you buy back once, you will get much easier opponent. I happen to me every time when I buy back in 5* tournament.


My Mielikki tank defense drop to C grade in day 3 and stay there. Well, not bad for 4* tank in 5* tournament. In fact, I think she do better job than my Dr. Moreau 85+20 tank in the previous 5* no yellow tournament :rofl:.

Result : I manage to get top 1% loot :smiley:.

No gold token and only 2 3* aether but 5* aether and paladin emblem is great. Good loot by overall for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Total 13 Guardian Panther costume in top 10 defense :rofl:.