⚔ [18 Sep, 2022] - 178th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, No Fire/Red

Day 5 started badly against this team

Used the same anti-Dolgoon team of Faiez - Maeve - Rekhetre - Aqeela - cTyrum. Got probably my worst board this tournament. Dolgoon fired at first charge and then 2nd charge without any of mine firing. Rekhetre somehow survived with 7 hp and killed the tank with tiles so avoided the zero :roll_eyes:

That was loss number 3 but luckily the other 4 matches were easier. Just had to be patient against some of the overhealers and waiting for Aqeela’s dodge to wear out.

Defense has remained at 7-2 and that’s enough for top 1%

Good luck with your last attacks and with the loot tomorrow :four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers:


O: 20:5 (4-1, 4-1, 3-2, 5-0, 4-1)
D: 2-3 (C,C,A,B, currently C)
Def: - front - Aqeela, Faiez, Jouka; left/right wing - Sally, Poppy

Quite disappointed with defense though it was 0-0 for 2 days what means nothing, don’t know if second Poppy over Sally on left wing would change anything (my 2nd Poppy is 1/1). Stil it’s way too low sample of attacks, so doesn’t really mean anything, but the thing is 2 of my looses were against very similar line-ups as my def… Day 3 just pissed me off… First 3 hits on day 3 I got some seriously awful boards. I try not to get upset about this game anymore, but it still happens sometimes. Idc if I end top 5% or top 1%, I’ll see on Saturday.


I was knocked out on Thursday. Defense was A/D/E/E/probably another E. So I am in the Top 25%. Just hoping for semi-decent loot…for instance, yesterday I recycled the goblin balloon and RNG gave me a warm cape in my loot! Of course I have tons of capes, so it seems. But it’s all good. Will keep saving ascension mats, and since I pulled Thorne from TC20 yesterday as well, I’ve been getting nice RNG lately.

Good luck on loot day tomorrow, everyone… I will only post here if I get something really good, as I’m most likely going to be Top 25%.


18-1 on defense, 22-3 on offense. Three boards I just couldn’t do anything with. Should end up somewhere around #375.

On defense, don’t mess with slayers. I used Maeve-Noril-Faiez-Maeve-Noril and only one person was able to win against that avalanche of damage.


Late reply but D4 stats:

O: 17-3 (3-2 for the day)
D: 13-7 (2-0 for the day)

Definitely my worst day for offense so far (and hopefully period). First loss for the day was to Aqeela-Rekhetre-Treevil-Faiez-Jarif - I thought it’d be easy street because Aqeela in the corner is a waste and Jarif is lol. But nope, they kicked my @$$. Even post nerf Treevil is still evil. Second loss I blame entirely on Dawn. I do not like baby-LotL (by which I mean to say, I need to hurry up and max out my Dawn).

Can’t complain about defense.


Holy moly!

This is probably my best accomplishment in empires and puzzles.
I can’t wait for my medal.

Defense: 75%

I tracked the 25 attacks.

# LW LF T RF RW TP Points
1 C.Prsica Jack Gan Ju Graymane C.Belith 3232 556
2 Melia Aqeela Gunnar Treevil C.Ulmer 3278 563
3 Gnomer Rekhetre Jing Aqeela Gramps 3345 568
4 Noril Dawn Grevle Noril Maeve 3328 566
5 Jing Joukahainen Aqeela Para Soroca 3348 564
6 Melia Joukahainen Dolgoon Aqeela Whacker 3320 562
7 Aqeela Jarif Faiez Rekhetre Sally 3367 562
8 Grevle Whacker Gnomer Noril Soroca 3334 561
9 Helo Faiez Aqeela Gramps Rekhetre 3357 561
10 Whacker Aqeela Dolgoon Noril Gnomer 3350 560
11 Maeve Dolgoon Treevil Joukahainen Noril 3351 560
12 Faiez Budatin Aqeela Treevil Soroca 3363 560
13 Faiez Aqeela C.Kvassir Joukahainen Grevle 3341 559
14 Jarif Faiez Aqeela Bertulf Dolgoon 3362 559
15 Gramps Rekhetre By-Ulf Faiez Noril 3307 559
16 Faiez Aqeela Rekhetre Joukahainen C.Ulmer 3351 559
17 Aqeela Jarif Faiez Rekhetre Para 3367 559
18 Melia Grevle Dolgoon Dawn Mnesseus 3284 559
19 Joukahainen Grevle Dolgoon Aqeela Gnomer 3341 559
20 Aqeela Jarif Faiez Rekhetre Rekhetre 3368 559
21 Gnomer Poppy Shrubbear Whacker Joukahainen 3322 559
22 Whacker Treevil Faiez Noril Poppy 3349 559
23 Aqeela Faiez Jarif Rekhetre Sally 3367 559
24 Dolgoon Faiez Gnomer Faiez Noril 3330 559
25 Jarif Noril Dolgoon Aqeela Rekhetre 3359 559

Why do the points for each battle decrease over time? I would have thought they would go up as I won more?

I sorted the enemies by most common.

Hero Color Count
Aqeela Dark 14
Faiez Green 10
Rekhetre Holy 8
Joukahainen Blue 7
Noril Green 7
Dolgoon Green 6
Gnomer Green 5
Grevle Green 5
Whacker Green 5
Jarif Blue 4
Treevil Dark 4
Gramps Green 3
Melia Holy 3
Soroca Blue 3
C.Ulmer Blue 2
Dawn Blue 2
Jing Green 2
Maeve Dark 2
Para Dark 2
Poppy Holy 2
Bertulf Holy 1
Budatin Dark 1
By-Ulf Green 1
C.Belith Green 1
C.Kvassir Holy 1
C.Prsica Dark 1
Gan Ju Holy 1
Graymane Blue 1
Gunnar Blue 1
Helo Blue 1
Jack Dark 1
Mnesseus Green 1
Sally Holy 1
Shrubbear Green 1
Sally Holy 1

I used Maeve, Noril, Noril, Kvassir on every attack. Candy, Helo, and Aderyn rotated in depending on which color I wanted. I stayed away from Grevle as I didn’t want to overload on green.
So I had three slayers who healed themselves and the decrease to DOT helps. I used to use Dolgoon, but again, I was worried about using too many greens.
I’m happy I didn’t run into Maeve and Noril more often. No Kvassir sitings.
Aqeela is solid, but another week were she didn’t impact things too much. Here her defense stack actually has an impact. But I’d still rather use Maeve.
Faiez was too slow to have an impact and double Noril can often get through him.
Also happy not to see Dawn too often.

I’m amazed I faced more blue heroes than Holy heroes.

Color LW LF T RF RW Total
Green 12 9 15 8 11 55
Blue 4 6 2 5 6 23
Holy 3 3 3 5 6 20
Dark 6 7 5 7 2 27


Congrats with your achievement! Hope the loot was rewarding enough :slight_smile:

Ended at top10 but got a purple ether III so happy with that.


Final results
Attack : 22-3 (55534)
Defense : 7-2 (CAAAA)
Score : 16824
Ranking : 1009 (Top 1%)

The Faiez - Rekhetre + 3 Slayers attack worked well most of the week. Defense started 0-0 but finished strong so happy with that as well.

As for the loot…

I actually did a double take and rubbed my eyes to make sure it was correct :joy: There were 2 ETTs as well, but too excited and forgot to screencap.

My alt finished in a higher ranking, but loot not as good

See you all next week for a Rare 4* Rush tournament. No Dark allowed so expecting lots of Gullinburstis and Li Xius


@Liam_K Wow is that loot even possible!?!?!? I thought you get one draw for the tomes? Either way congrats!

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@Liam_K WTH 2 books? You can get 2 books, that’s rare, will probably never happen to me, I can’t even get 1 book haha.

@Ruskin505 Well done on number 1, even though you have to share it with someone :slight_smile:

Points/rank :

Rank : 6831

Defense : Sorry no screen, but - Sally, Aqeela, Faiez, Jouka, Poppy; just Aqeela isn’t LB.

Offense Results : 20-5 (4-1, 4-1, 3-2, 5-0, 4-1)

Defense Results : 2-3 (C,C,A,B,C)

Loot : Nothing astonishing, just a normal fairly average loot. At least 2 Etts, lately I kept getting too many greys so gold tokens are good.


I thought so too, but I checked the loot screen and it’s 2 separate draws, 1% for the Legendary and 2% for the Epic. So a 0.01 * 0.02 = 0.0002 or 1 in 5000 chance


Congrats to @Ruskin505 for going 25 wins


I’m happy with the loot. But happiness with the loot does not compare to happiness of 25-0, happiness of A defense, and happiness of number 1 rank.

Side rant: we see a lot of posts about top ranks not worth the loot. But my main happiness is having that number one rank. Not the loot.


Rank : 42092

I fall of top 5% to top 10% at about rank 44000. It go to about 49000 when the tournament end. And then A grade defense bring be back to top 5% :slightly_smiling_face:.

Congratulations both of you :1st_place_medal:.

@Liam_K Oh, I never think that loot is possible. That is the best loot I ever seen.


O: 5-0, 22-3 overall
D: 15-9

I can only aspire to Ruskin’s greatness.

It ain’t no legendary tomes, but I’ll always be happy with a level III aether. I’ve gotten worse for being top 1%.

And that’s it! Looking forward to the next tournament - my Wang Yuanji has been stuck at 1-1 for what feels like a decade, so 4* rush no dark is a great motivator. I’m excited for her and Gulli to flank Li Xiu.





Defenses of the top 10 finishers

Congratulations @Ruskin505 for a perfect tournament and taking joint top spot! :trophy: :tada:


Way to go @Ruskin505 for the 1st place rank!

As for me, I got the 12th magic orb that I needed so I’m happy.

Best of luck in the next raid tournament!

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