⚔ [18 Jul, 2021] - 117th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

Day 4:

O: 2-1 (14-4)
D: 9-6 (A)

thought maybe i’d get through the day because the first two battles went so well but then lost to this team:

all the red tiles i could need, none of the blue. battle took a while because i was constantly healed, but i ended up losing because i could never get my blue heroes charged, in rush attack. i take it back, i think i got them charged once, but still that’s fewer than 14 blue tiles i could match in what had to be well over a hundred, and I charged up hawkmoon 4 or 5 times. :man_shrugging:

Defense picked up a couple of losses today, still an A but I fell to 5% so not buying back in, not that i usually do. if the loot was like last week, it’s not even worth 75 gems. :laughing:

good luck to everyone still in it!’


This is the reason why this defence is scary, and it turned out to be quite successful. Now already attacked more than 30 times with success rate of >80%. The reason? It’s not easy to sustain two waves of potentially deadly attacks, first Nordri and Chick, 2nd Ulmer and Surdri. So far, just 5 players escaped the dead sentence. :see_no_evil:


Maybe easy wasn’t the right word. Regular Gunnar and frosty is my biggest concern. All other teams are preferable for me to face. That defense is up on there on what I’m afraid of. It’s just not what I’m most afraid of and haven’t had issues with non frosty non Gunnar teams in recent three star very fast tourneys.


Fair enough. I guess we all have different game styles - for example, I didn’t have much problems with regular Gunnar flanked with Helo/Frosty.

I used them as a tile dump to charge my c.Gunnar, Ulmer, Chick and Sudri. Once I do, it’s game over or close to it.

The defences I was scared the most were those that didn’t give me much time to work on the board.


Another fergilicious 4-1 day :grin:

Easier opponents than day 3, but the one loss was again one I had the upper hand but the opposing hitters charged and fired consecutively to turn things around.

Defense just healing along at 24-5 (AAA-)

Just outside the top 100 for the moment so might save 75 gems again this week

Good luck on the last day everyone


As some might be aware, I play 3 star tourneys emblem free. So I have only played 2/3 days so far and I’m already facing 100 emblem teams.

Wins 10/10 played
Defence Grade A

The thing Im struggling with is, why did they choose that defence? I ask largely because emblems don’t trump synergy.

So why do people feed away unique 3 stars? I have over 40 plus another 30+dupes.

Edit: my poorly thought out defence (Poppy should be in Kvasirs spot):


One and out for me today. No recaps, records or totals because it was an all around bad week and it just doesn’t matter.
Checked the schedule for the next 3* and if the tournies follow the pattern, we have only one 3* in the next 10 weeks :frowning:.
Good luck and have fun all.


Day 4

O : 2-2 (15-4)

I am out. Go with Helo - Pixie - Gill-Ra - C Oberon and C Renfeld/CB Kailani. The board is average to pretty bad today. The problem is good board occur against weak team but bad board occur against strong team.

The first lose today is

The board is full of green and red and they fall non-stop. So,


The second lose today is

The board is average. I can get 7 yellow tile to charge Pixie and CB Kailani but Helo is about to fire, so I have to wait for 1 turn. Enemy C Ulmer and C Gunnar fire from unwanted cascade but my CB Kailani flip lower def and Pixie block C Gunnar. Then I charge my purple and kill C Gunnar tank and make C Ulmer almost die. Then the problem start. C Ulmer resist my Gill-Ra and C Oberon make me can’t kill him before he fire again. And the board is full of green and red cause big cascade and make C Ulmer, Nodri and Gato fire all at once. C Ulmer with +%Atk hit hard and flip lower attack on Nodri and Gato. Nodri hit on 3 target and Gato hit on one of them kill all of my heroes even with +63%Def on my heroes. I have to say this is the defense that I don’t want to face most. C Ulmer at flank is very effective against my Gill-Ra. I think I will win if it is different C Gunnar tank team with C Ulmer at wing. I don’t know why something like this usually happen to my 3* rush attack journey. I just have too bad luck.

D : 10-7

I will not buy back. The limit break on only blue 3* cause big imbalance in no-green 3* tournament and I also don’t have them too. I wish I am still in top 5%. See you next tournament :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 5:

O: 5-0 (23-2). The same team that worked well this week, got the job done today. :slight_smile:
D: about 70% but losing constantly today - guess people got familiar with defences like mine and found the solution (AAAA). We’ll see if it can hold up a bit more.

This could easily be my highest rank ever:

Good luck and see you on the loot side. :heart:


Day 5

O: 2-1 (19-4)
D: don’t know, a lot (B with exactly 50% at the moment)

Won my first two battles, both relative easy, nice board

Lost my third the board was to be honest relativ good, but I played ■■■■…

And an unforgiving middle.

I won’t buy back in, and hope it will be enough for top 1%. At the moment it looks good so far, and I will just wait till tomorrow morning for the final decision.

Good luck on the last day and good loot tomorrow everyone :slight_smile:


Triple Karils suck. He seems to hit harder when on defense.

Well he does hit harder on defense

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This tournament is going crazy for me.
I just start with normal 4:1 on day one, but def start terrible 0:3 :frowning:
Is that defence so bad?

Actually no, on day 3 was already grade A.

Day two was 3:2. One of the battle I lost it at the end with unwanted cascade :frowning: The other one was stupid mistake from my side, just forget to use already charged and waiting Gunnar and I was …

So came day 3 and I lost the first battle, this time defence was only B and rising. I was decided do not spent gems, but I was so furious and just press the button. Followed by 4:2

So, i managed to won the last 7 battles(one of the battle I won just 4 sec before the time is over) and my defence was already grade A. And finally Iam gonna finish at top 1%.

Most of the time i used Gunnar, Chick, Helo, Poppy, Kvasir. Some times i replaced Kvasir and Poppy with Born and cOberon. Just if I have 2978 fighter emblems more.

Really I prefer to face cGunnar instead of Gunnar tank. On cGunnar i can drop as many tiles I want. Even he can fire twice and dont harm me. After that I just flip the defence with my Gunnar heal with helo and the battle is over.


First match in and a 4th loss against a 3200+ team. Usually, I won’t buy back in on the last day and with A defense every day, probably would have stayed in top 1% even with a 17-4 record.

But was in the middle of filling a Raid chest and revenges weren’t going well either, so bought the 4 extra flags for 75 gems.

Almost regretted it immediately when I got zero in the next match. Bounced back with 3 wins though to end with a 20-5 record. Current ranking is 272 despite that many losses so lots of people are struggling and gave up. Still ended up one hero short of filling the Raid chest. Just one of those days :sweat_smile:

Defense is 27-9 (75%) at the moment. That’s the 3rd time in 4 tournaments where I’ve been attacked more than 30 times. Not sure what has changed.

Good luck to those still playing and may we all get some useful loot tomorrow.
Dear RNG, all I’m asking for is 3 small red aethers so that I can limit break Colen and his costume :crossed_fingers:


Went 25-0 on attacks, using my defense team for every battle (c-Gunnar, c-Ulmer, Nordri, c-Karil, Chick Jr). Regular Gunnar is a huge tile-dump and gets countered pretty easily by the costumed version. No healers necessary, you only need to survive 1-2 specials from hitters to get 7 tiles and then the enemy team is dead.

My defense stats were 0-0 (C), 4-3 (B), 11-9 (B), 15-17 (C), currently I’m at 19-20. Hoping to end up in lower half of leaderboard.


Day 4:
O: 3-2 (15-5)
D: 0-0 (7-0)

Things went well until I started running into Russian hackers players who clearly saw the superiority of my defense and decided to just plagiarize me. To wit:

As I correctly predicted, Nordri is probably one of the best tanks for this week especially if running a blue heavy/mono blue defense. Slash attacks hurt like hell, and Chick Jr basically just one shot my whole team lol. :rofl::sob:

The first loss occurred on the 4th match so I had to buy back in, but even after paying the 75 gem extortion fee, SG still wanted to punish me some more and gave me the second team which I also lost against. Thankfully neither were BFZs as I did manage to knock out two in each match, but yeah not fun.

Day 5
O: 5-0?! (20-5) :scream:
D: 0-0 (7-0)

Wow what a change from yesterday. Thought I’d get absolutely massacred today, but no not only did I not face any teams with Nordri tanks, the only blue tanks I even faced today was LB Frosty and Gunnar+20. Frosty was basically of no threat whatsoever, and the match against Gunnar+20, I got 7 blue tiles in two moves with my mono blue team, so defense stood absolutely no chance.

Went mono blue for 4/5 matches, only switching to the 4-1 purple team for an autofill with Kvasir wing and Gan Ju flank (still +100 team though so no joke). The boards for my mono blue ranged from “dream board” to "@#$! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:), but miraculously for the ones with terrible openings, about 3-4 moves in, I set a huge on-color cascade with like 7-8 tiles in the shape of a “Z” diamond if that makes sense, tiled out the tank, severely wounded the flank, charged up everybody on my team, then cGunnar-Nordri-Chick x2 just blasted everybody into oblivion. Thank you RNGesus (but this probably means I’ll get tall boost/scabard and 3 silver tokens and 4 small aethers for loot :rofl:)


Firmly in top 1%. :slight_smile:


I’m not good with the whole daily update thing, but since I shared my original defense here for some reason lol, figured I should do the same with my offensive, and defensive, progress throughout the event:

My main offensive team that kicked some serious :peach:, that I exclusively used from Day Three on:

(Minus the troops, of course)

Only rarely did I trade out Gill-Ra for someone like Sudri (vs Sudri)

Day One

Offense: 5-0; Top 5%; Defense: 3-1; A ; My first opponent had a LB hero, although it didn’t really matter; they either ate, or forgot to equip, their real troops :sweat_smile:


Day Two

Offense: 4-1; Top 1%; Defense: 6-2; A; My first and only lost to:

(No blues in sight, so even Gill-Ra couldn’t save me) Then my first time meeting two LB heroes: (& I won)

Day Three

Offense: 5-0; Top 1%; Defense: 7-2; A; Last opponent I faced that day had a LB ice tank

600+ TP than me, and I still won! :relaxed:

Day Four

Offense: 4-1; Top 1%; Defense: 7-4; A; My second loss of the week was my first hit vs:

& It wasn’t til around here when I started facing exclusively emblems + LB teams like: But despite that fact, I still ended the day like this: (Was a lil hopeful I’d be able to crack Top 100)

Day Five

Offense: 2-2 (20-4); Top 1%; Defense: 7-4; A; My first few attacks went great, despite facing teams like so:

Surprisingly won both of them, but vs this… & During that first defeat of the day, this happened :expressionless: Ugh… At that point, I knew I wasn’t gonna make Top 100, so my next hit I kinda just winged it (and lost as a consequence) :sweat_smile: So I ended with one unused flag; ahh well…

Not bad for unleveled 2* troops, unemblemed and unlimit-broken 3* :relaxed: I know I’m proud!

Now, let’s see what sorta loot I get for my efforts :laughing:



Loot is ok-ish, troop tokens are nice, but was kinda hoping for 100 emblems. Almost got the “4 small aethers” part right though. :joy:


Not bad :smirk:


Pretty meh loot. Even the ETT turned into 3* feeder.

Also got 4* Dark and Green Aether and 2 3* Dark ones.

Oh well, see you next tournament


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