⚔ [18 Jul, 2021] - 117th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

Woke up this morning to 5 losses on defense and noticed my defense is now an auto fill. Don’t know how this happened.

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4-1 today… It’s spreading! :rofl:

Easier matches than yesterday until the last match. Another Gunnar tank and 3100+ team.

Bought the emblems offer with gems mainly for Yang Mai, but there were also enough Paladin emblems to move my Gunnar to +20. Attacked with Frosty - Nordri - cUlmer - cGunnar - Jahangir. The 6 blue tiles came easily but not the 7th. At least it wasn’t a 0.

Defense is exceeding my expectations. 8-0 in Day 1, and 3-2 today so far

Day Offense Defense Score
1 5-0 8-0 (A) 3631
2 4-1 11-2 (A) 5919

Good luck everyone. Hope you don’t end up 4-1 as well :smiley:


Isn’t rush attack 6 tiles to max Mana? I’m not maxing at 6 tiles…

No. It’s 6.5 for Very Fast heroes. You need to get 9% mana bonus to get the 6 tiles, which is only certain costumed heroes with +4% node


We are used to VF heroes charging with 6 tiles because generally we can give them lvl11 mana troops which give that needed 9% bonus. Of course that doesn’t work in 3 and 4* tournaments.

DAY 2:

O => W: 4 L: 1 (7:3)
D => W: 0 L: 5 (E) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@Liam_K it seems that today is the 4:1 day.

It’s incredible that I lost against this team:

I went with two blue, two people and one yellow and Sudri was able to fire three times before I charged my heroes. Nothing to say.

The defense team is such a big garbage.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


My Bachan just got boosted.
every attacker disliked that



Well, day 2; 4-1 again. 8-2 total. Defense little change, 1 more win.

Was on track to win the last match, when I set off a purple diamond, which charged all of the enemies heroes (who were almost all gone). This in turn killed everyone but helo. Of course, no more blue or red matches appeared under the remaining frosty and c-ulmer, who then slashed me down…



Day 2:

O: 4-1 (8-2)
D: 7-3 (A)

Today was going really well until the last battle. lost to this team:

In part for a terrible and never ending board full of yellow and purple, when i brought blue and red, and in part because previous battles against Gunnar worked so well if you take cGunnar as the antidote. yeah, doesn’t work so well if you never get any blue tiles! seriously relentless yellow and purple. and i brought none.

on the upside, my defense went from 2-2 to 7-3. i thought maybe my experiment with Sudri and cHawkmoon in the wings was not going to work, but for now it is…

good luck on day 3 everyone!

p.s. so sorry @Randy , i’ve apparently not saved my defense before too (when i was sure that i had) and ended with straight Es for the week. :-/


Day 2
O: 5-0 (8-2)
D: 4-0 (7-0)

Took some big risks today by going 4-1 for all matches, and thankfully managed to avoid the @ferg syndrome even though I clearly used the @ferg team setup. :rofl:

I actually ended up using something very similar to my defense for 3 or 4 matches, going Nordri-Ulmer-Chick Jr x2 or swapping out one Chick Jr for Helo if a cleanse is badly needed. The thinking was, as long as I can somehow piece together 7 blue tiles, the double debuff from Nordri and Ulmer basically guarantees 2x Chick Jr will just about wipe out everything short of defense buffs/attack debuffs or evade nonsense. This did indeed work out quite well, as long as the defense wasn’t too aggressive.

The last match was against an autofill:

Ok so it doesn’t look the worst, but Dawa could still easily kill 2 heroes if I let her go off twice. The bad thing about purple is it’s the only color lacking a healer, even yellow recently gained a healer in Candy (admittedly an event 3* so not too common, but she exists). Pondered whether to go 3-1-1 and bring two healers, or just say screw it and go 4-1 with 4 purples all attacking and one healer. Decided since 4-1 worked for the last 4 matches, why change it? So went Bjorn x2-cRenfeld x2 + Helo (in case Ulmer went off).

Was very lucky to have 2 purple matches on the board right away and right under Dawa, so she went poof in 2 turns. Managed to find the 7th tile before anybody went off, and double cRenfelds really kept the flanks in check even though Bane withstood the mana steal. Made sure Ulmer died first by targeting both Bjorns at him. Board then severely dried up, but this is where cRenfeld’s mana steal saved me, because as I sent tiles into Balthazar, one cRenfeld quickly charged up, so I fired him at Bane and this time he didn’t withstand. Between the two cRenfelds, I was able to prevent the defense from firing ever again after Bane pulled off a lucky shot.

Obviously this could’ve easily gone the other way had the opening been bad, but as I face stronger and stronger teams, my feeling is I really need to go 4-1 or even mono to pull it off, because 3-1-1 or even 3-2 just doesn’t provide enough tile or special damage to really make a dent in the defense.

Defense is undefeated so far, guess I got this part right:

Also I faced a team with a Gunnar+1 tank and Chick+1 flank, damn that little chicken hits hard even at +1 and with no debuffs. I don’t even want to imagine how fast the attacker would get wiped out if Chick fired with either Nordri or Ulmer’s debuff on. :cold_face:

Great minds think alike :laughing:


Thanks to my auto fill defense I may have the best defense of anybody in this tourny if based on team power. Team power is 3293, proving team power is not a guage of how good a defense is. Currently 2/6. :rage:

Offensively, the ferg syndrome continued today, so 8/2 total.

Good luck, all.


Day 2

O: 5-0 (9-1) Two healers in attack is turning out to be crucial to survive bad boards. Frosty with his added minion shield and Helo cleansing opponents hit all poisons/ fires are working well together. My actual attack is severely blunted, but focusing more on outlasting the enemy rather than going for a quick kill worked in attack for me today. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

D: 3-0 Wish I could see the battles. Is Vollermork doing anything in there?? Please let me maxing him not be in vain!


Day 2. 10-0 on the offense, first day no attacks (defense grade C), finally got an attack today (grade A).

Here are some videos of day 2. Posting these to show how we can destroy those OP limit broken 20-emblemed monoblue defense teams without LB heroes:

Hopefully this helps you all score better and crush the hopes and dreams of those who decided that limit breaking an entire team on the defense is worth it…


I lost first - it’s 13-1 now. But the fun part is that, despite the fact that I was mostly attacked by players with +100 defences and/or limit broken, this is the defence of a player who defeated me:

Marvelous! I would like to see how he did it! :joy:


So far this defense has worked like a charm.

The attackers usually have defenses that have been emblemed at least to some degree, so I can’t believe I haven’t had a single loss yet. Especially since I haven’t had any difficulties beating emblemed and limit broken teams with that very same team on offense.

BTW, the only reason Chick Jr. has emblems is because I’ve run out of 5* and 4* paladins I actually want to emblem. :joy:


Guardian Bat is scary, if he’s the only one left he does like 470% damage! Probably one shot your whole team. :scream::rofl:


Day 2 : 4-1 (9-1) (@ferg syndrome? :rofl:)

Go with Helo - Pixie - Gill-Ra - C Renfeld - C Oberon in all attack. The board is pretty good today with one bad board that I lose. I don’t know why but I usually have bad board against strong defense. This is a team that is lose

The start board is full of red and green and some yellow. I charge my Pixie but unwanted cascade charge enemy C Gunnar. I found that Pixie don’t work well against very aggressive defense if C Gunnar tank fire. Pixie block C Karil since he is about to fire but Chick Jr. fire + C Gunnar lose defense almost kill all my heroes. Then slash kill Pixie since she is weakest and the board full of yellow :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: And when I can charge my Helo, Ulmer and Nodri fire and kill all my heroes. So, the result is



I think I will replace C Renfeld with CB Kailani if I face C Gunnar tank next time. In fact, If I use CB Kailani instead of C Renfeld, I think I will win. Pixie block C Gunnar and CB Kailani increase defense will make me survive longer and kill C Gunnar :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 7-5

This is my defense

My defense result is 3-2 in the end of day 1. I don’t know why but I feel like C Gunnar is better than CB Gunnar tank if flank and wing is very aggressive. However, I don’t have Sudri and enough emblem for Chick Jr. and Ulmer. CB Gunnar tank used to do very good job but now he did worse. Maybe, it is because of some new 3* heroes.

And I don’t know why C Oberon at flank doesn’t seem to be as great as Sudri. I think C Oberon do overall damage more than Sudri but it take 3 turn. Maybe, 3 turn is too long and have big different :smile:

Yeah, it look like that is the best way to set defense in this journey :+1:

I don’t know why your defense have so bad result. It look strong by overall except Helo at wing. “Healer at wing is never good.” I think you just get multiple lucky opponent :smile:

How is C Gunnar antidote ? He doesn’t cure anything.

How did you do 6 attack in day 1 :smile: ?

I have no idea :joy: Maybe, mono with very good board. Even, 3* team+0 can defeat 5* team+100 :rofl:


Day 3:

O: 4-1 (12-3)
D: 9-4 (A)

Just one loss to this team today:

I had a feeling it was going to be trouble if I couldn’t get the tiles under Jahangir in time and I was right. Hello would have been a big help here, but I don’t have him. wouldn’t have had the tiles for cTyrum either because the board was all yellow. :man_shrugging:

D picked up two more wins, maintaining an A. happy about that. currently in 1% with 7690, says i’m ranked 639 which is not so bad.

good luck on day 4 everyone!


Day 3
O: 4-1 (12-3) if someone wants to guess…
D:10-7 (B)


There isn’t much to say today, 4 battles were easy, 3 super easy one a little bit longer, but didn’t lost a single hero.
The first was over with one move :see_no_evil: build diamond - diamond pops automatically - fire special - game over

The loss was as so often with mono, the board. I think that’s why I seldom play mono outside of 3* rush. You don’t have any real feelings with it. If you win its because there were 7 blue stones in the first few moves, there is no challenge in finding them or combining them so there is no triumph if I can change the board and satisfaction when I’m able to change the result of the battle. And if there aren’t stones I loose, once again without hard feelings, no regret that I should have played that one move different or what else. If there are no blue stones and no blue stones appear after your move you can’t do anything and so I doesn’t even really care.
The problem is, it works, at least better than some other teams I tried, at least for exactly this mode and with that blue team allowed…

Overall 6 blue stones, that’s it.

He flips the def+, so for me too he is the antidote for normal gunnar.
With the def down and the spirit link the hole team dies, either through special or through some stones into one enemy, collapsing the whole defense.


Day 3:

O: 5-0 finally (13-2). Played with my blue-red 3-2 combo against mono blue teams today. It was tough, but managed to find my 2 matches before ot was too late. :slight_smile:
Although, I must say this becomes a bit borring. :see_no_evil:

D: 13-1 (AA)

May the luck be with you!


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