⚔ [18 Jul, 2021] - 117th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Nature/ Green

5-0 start, but if the rest of the week is like today then this is going to be a crazy tournament.

First 3 matches were against mixed coloured defenses. Went with a Frosty - Nordri - cUlmer - Kvasir - Jahangir attack. Really struggled against this Gunnar tank in the 2nd match.

Frosty and Kvasir’s minions kept me alive just long enough, and Poppy didn’t do more than 2 hits. The one time she did, she killed Nordri which spawned more minions. That gave enough time for Jahangir’s fire and Kvasir’s poison to wear down their HP.

4th match was against a mono blue with Gunnar tank at 3207 TP. Decided I need more firepower so switched Chick Jr in for Kvasir. Got a lucky blue diamond in the middle of the match.

Last match was against a mono double healer team with Helo tank and Frosty left wing. All 5 heroes were limit broken at 3251 TP but I think the previous team was a tougher defense.

Defense has started off better than last week at 3-0, but it’s still early

Good luck everyone!


Why don’t you use dispeller or any lower normal defense ? And how do you take down Gunnar tank without dispeller, any lower normal defense, and Nodri ? :joy:

Because shared damage means you can target the hero with the lowest def to maximize the damage. I just aim my Nordri and tiles whenever possible at Poppy in this case who had a base 502 Def compared to Gunnar’s 785.
And Jahangir’s fire and Kvasir’s bees’ poison means all 5 enemies will go down at the same time.

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With a real long battle… I have gone with cTyrum, Bauchan, Gunnar, Frosty, Kvasir. Basically the minions did all the work with the occasional Bauchan and cTyrum contributions. For fun, I may swap in Vollmark for Bauchan to stop the healing and peck away at the heroes. That may make things faster. We’ll see.


I guess that enemy Frosty at wing doesn’t fire much frequently and your Kvasir block his minion. I used to try double Nordri without dispeller or any lower normal defense against CB Gunnar tank. It work against weak flank but not very well and not work if there is Sudri, C Oberon or C Renfeld at flank or wing and also not work if there are 2 healer. The problem is CB Gunnar increase defense effect will cancel Nordri lower defense against blue effect. And you need pretty many blue tile to kill any of them since all enemy have share damage. I never use C Ulmer since I just max him but have no wizard emblem for him. Maybe, he make a different.

I’m not sure if that work well. Too many color and lack of fire power. From my experience, you can’t survive until overtime if there is Sudri, C Oberon or C Renfeld no matter what your team is. I just pull Vollmark and never use him before but I face him. I think he is weak.

Yeah, cUlmer gives +48% attack and at +20 charges in 6 tiles as does Jahangir with MCB. I dunno if it’s a better way of doing it, but that’s how I usually fight Gunnar tanks. I do have Tyrum and cGunnar as alternatives if I lose a few in the coming days.

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So far, the teams that I’ve been up against don’t have any of those heroes. I’ve seen Jahangir and Chochin, but most defenses I’ve seen are pretty defensive with only 1 or 2 damage dealers. With those conditions, my attack team has been full up on health and minions. So much that generally Frosty is waiting a while to fire.


That is good for you. Believe me, you will hate them on enemy defense :smile:

Yeah… particularly cRenfeld, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time. Personally, I am running cRenfeld, Frosty, Gunnar, Bauchan, Nordri which is 3-1 so far. Bauchan may be red, but his mana cut and boost has been painful to me when I meet him on the defense, I figured I’d repay the favor. Not much in offensive power, but it can control mana pretty well.

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Day 1:

O: 4-1
D: 2-2 (B)

Day mostly went well. Tough all blue team to start, but had a good board. So glad I limit broke my Nordri (also +18 all defense path, for titans). I really noticed the difference today, he barely took a scratch all day. Except, lost one battle to this team:

Board started good and then turned terrible. i actually took out Poppy and Nordri but i couldn’t do anything to that Kvasir flanked by two healers, and a wall of bees eventually pecked me to death because i couldn’t get the tiles to cleanse or heal. in retrospect, probably should have brought my own Kvasir. also, pic of fun opening board below.


I won this, but what a great opening board, really should have brought some yellow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

btw, that Chochin +20 in the corner hit VERY hard. ouch, had Gill-Ra gone off previously it would have been three insta-kills

good luck on day 2 everyone!

p.s. seriously hope i don’t run into @Randy ‘s defense. yikes! :laughing:


Day 1: 4-1, 1 match where the blue tiles I needed just came too late… still managed to take out tank and flank. Think I’ll stick to blue/red, as hawkmoon &jahangir charge at 6 tiles, so they are quick to charge and get my healing going.

Defense going strong, 5-1.



Day 1
O: 3-2
D: 3-0

Someone remind me to opt out of 3* rush tourneys next time, this format always gives me nothing but rage and headaches. What little skill there is left goes out the window largely in favor of starting boards and RNG. The two losses I had what I thought was a pretty good counter, but if the board only gives you massive amounts of tiles of the two colors you didn’t bring you can’t exactly win. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Actually the first loss I played my hand as well as I could and actually managed to kill 4 heros when my whole team were down to 30% HP. The other board started me off with yellow and green diamonds against a Poppy tank so yeah lol. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: Still managed to tank bust but what a :poop: show that was.

At least defense is doing well for a change, opted for the mono option:

@Silencio I feel your pain man, I really do. :hugs:


After having read the results of other players here, I see that I got the worst results, not only in attack, but also in defense. I didn’t expect to get a 0:3 the first day. :tired_face:

And as I said before, I have more expectations in 3/4* tournaments as I have more options.

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4/1 offense today. First team fully emblemed +100 with 3 broken and after that all were fully emblemed and broken. No fully leveled troops on all 5 teams. Had 1 amazing board ( won in 2 moves), 2 average boards and 2 bad starting board, one which I managed to turn around and the other started to turn but too late.

Wish someone would run into my defense. No attacks yet.:joy:


@Slobix effect strikes again :rofl:

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Day 2
O: 4-1 (8-2) (and it goes on and on and on…)
D: 6-1 (A)


Lost against the first, which was pretty much the easiest I faced today :expressionless:
I went all 5 battles mono blue with my def, not really a fan of mono but it just works for me with 3* heroes.
But the first battle happened what always can happen with mono, not enough stones. The def wasn’t really dangerous, but I got for the whole match 6 stones which was enough to charge gunnar c but not for the rest. I only played stones in the middle, Gunnar and the 2 minion makers were annoying and softened me up but not really dangerous, another 3 stones and the battle would have been over. But rush is fast and even without a single stone, the wings charged in maybe seven or eight moves, haven’t counted but don’t think it was more and than I got unlucky one more time nordri and Karil hitting the same 3 targets which resulted in 4 dead heroes on my side only gunnar alive.

The fights against the other gunnar tanks were far easier, sometimes I lost maybe one hero, thanks not Gunnar, and either one nordri and 2 chicken or the other way round is normally enough to finish them.

Only other close battle was against vodnik, he killed one nordri, poppy beside him killed one chicken, the only good thing vollermork did absolutely nothing when he fired (still regret leveling him) and gunnar c, nordri, chicken was enough to weaken them and finish the job with 3 stones into vollermork.

Defense still good without a healer, and by far not so many attacks like the last time 3* tournament was around.

Good luck everyone :+1:


80% is a great win rate for PvP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks, yeah probably could be far worse :rofl:

But still, that’s the 3rd week with everyday 4-1 results on offense…


Day 2:

O: 4-1 (8-2), a.k.a @ferg syndrome. :joy: But to be fair, I think my team selection for the first battle was ridiculous. Quickly returned to c Gunnar, c.Ulmer, Chick, c.Hawkmon, Sudri - was much better. :muscle:

D: 10-0 (A). My defence team obviously understood well my “kill first or be killed” plan. It refuses to die. :joy:

Good luck to all!



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