⚔ [17 Sep, 2023] - 230h Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, All Elements

Decided to max General Yin and try him on defense
Maybe a second Treevil (lb1) instead of Kvasir? Ormaybe Greel?

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I remember facing General Yin in previous 3* rush. Don’t have him myself and he is that pesky 3* version of dispel before hitting like C2 Gormek and Louhi are in other rarities. Good Taunt/Faiez counter, I think. Not really sure about Kvasir on wing, personally. In general, it feels like wing is not his spot to be anywhere defensively, but don’t take my word for it.

I just like having kvasir in my 3* teams, but i couldn’t think to put him anywhere else except wing with other heroes. I will try Greel instead and replace Kvasir.

I want to lb2 Faiez but im trying to save alpha aethers to lb2 a 5* (i have 9 so far)

So many options. Feels a bit passive but major annoying if you can’t get the tiles. Can be countered by Kvasir though:

More standard setup:

What do you all think

Combining two reds next to each other is quite risky…

From my experience, Basil is not a good rush tank (I defeat him very easily), because counterattack and damage sharing are really not a good combination…

For me, the second option looks best…

One healer in the corner will always act too late IMO

Agreed, I’ve swapped Sally with Rekhetre for double overheal. Thanks!

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Finally gave Treevil the 2nd LB, and started 5-0. Used the same team of Zarel - Shrubbear - Treevil - Faiez - Joukahainen in all 5 matches. Everyone is level 60 except Faiez. Boards were good so minimal trouble with the easier opponents.

Defense has also started perfect with 3 wins.

Good luck everyone!


Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 1-0 (so far)

I lost with a 0. It was Shrubbear wing, treevil flank and Faeiz tank, Faeiz just kept going off, so even when my Treevils went off, it only did a little damage, and then I had no tiles and failed miserably, unfortunately.

One of the matches I thought I would lose and somehow won, their Waqas tank went off 2 or 3 times before I could, but then I managed to kill him and fire faiez a couple of times, saving 3 of my heroes and winning. It was one of those matches where I genuinely thought I had lost, so I almost quit before I could kill anyone, then I ended up winning. My mouth was wide open in shock.


Day 1

O : 5-0

Go with my standard attack team in 3* rush attack, Faiez - Shrubbear - Zarel - C Gill-Ra/C Tyrum - Treevil. The board is pretty good by overall. Win without any problem.

One of the opponent that is face have unusual name

At first, I thought the game has a glitch but that is really his name :rofl:.

D : 1-0


Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 1:1 B
The first two fights went smoothly, but then the boards became worse and it is only thanks to weak opponents in the fourth and fifth fight that I only lost the third battle…
Although I must admit that I made a lot of mistakes… :confused:

Good luck everyone!


I managed 5-0 running mostly Zarel-Faiez-Shrubbear-Treevil-Bjorn. The shrub is my only 2LB. The first two matches were among the longest recorded rush war battles in history while I was trying to get rid of their Faiez’s. It seems like rush battles either end quickly or take a long time! Defense of Buster-bear-tree-Faiez-Bauchan is 1-2


Today was an insanely good day. My 2nd fight lasted forever.


O - 6-4 (3-2, 3-2)
D - 0-2 (E)

I think it’s time to say goodbye to the game very soon. I can’t play tourneys for ■■■■. Boards are horrendous, my skill is declining. I can’t keep playing the game knowing that I can’t keep up anymore.

Dawn, Tree, Faiez all LB2 front 3 results in 0-2… can only happen to me.

My classic raids 6 flags result - 1-5.

Yeah feels like a sign I should quit this chore of a game.


Second day and facing level 60 heroes everywhere. Only one level 55 Faiez to break the monotony. Fortunately, the heroes are not necessarily the best defensive ones for Rush.

Attacked with the same Zarel - Shrubbear - Treevil - Faiez - Joukahainen team. Boards were good and almost every time I could get the bear’s taunt up before the opposing heroes fire. Zarel’s Bard bonus was helpful here. Didn’t lose a single hero today. Faced a few Basils, but Jouka’s priority dispel countered them easily.

Defense has lost a couple but still staying at A at the moment at 4-2.

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 5-0 3-1 A 3,076 900 3,976
2 10-0 4-2 A 7,080 7,080

Good luck everyone!


Today was horrible.

I was using Faeiz, 2x Dawn, 2x treevil, I went 3-2 but almost lost 2 of those which I won.

I was barely getting tiles, especially Purple or Green, so it was just Dawn constantly active, and her minions seemed to hit everyone EXCEPT the Treevil on the opposite teams, so their Treevils kept firing at me and destroying my minions from all heroes.

It was an absolute C*** fest

Defense was 1-1 yesterday, but 2-1 total


Dawn is the bane of my 3-star tournament existence.

That is all :wink:


Day 2

O : 5-0 (10-0)

Go with same tactic win without much problem. Get some bad board. Sacrifice Shrubbear but still manage to win.

D : 3-0

No, you shoudn’t say that your skill is is declining. It is actually that your luck is declining instead :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I think you need to LB2 the right 3* to play better. You can use my team Faiez - Shrubbear - Zarel - C Gill-Ra/C Tyrum - Treevil (all at LB2) if you want. I don’t see any better attack team in 3* rush attack for now.


Day 1 - 2-3
Day 2 - 5-0

Rush is always a roller coaster