⚔ [17 Jul, 2012] - 169th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Blue/ Ice

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:no_pedestrians: This Week’s Restrictions & Special Rule

:fire: :leaves: :snowflake: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:
Elements Allowed
:superhero: :star2:
Hero Rarities Allowed
:person_fencing: :star2:
Troop Rarities Allowed
:fire: :leaves: :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:
No Ice/ Blue
:five: :star:
or lower
:four: :star:
or lower

:dizzy: Special Rule: Rush Attack

All Special Skills are set to Very Fast!

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=> Most Recent Occurrence of This Format: ⚔ [28 Nov, 2021] - 136th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Blue/ Ice

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  • Do this week’s restrictions on hero/troop rarity and elements make your bench depth better or worse suited to this Raid Tournament than Regular Raids?
  • Are there heroes you’re likely to use for this Tournament that you normally don’t make use of anymore?
  • Are there heroes you plan to power level for this Tournament, or level before the next time a Tournament like this one rolls around?
  • Do Costumes affect your team selection at all?
  • What are you thinking about using for your Defense Team?
  • Are there heroes you expect to see on Enemy Defenses that you think you’ll have a harder time dealing with than usual because of the restrictions or special rule in this Tournament?
  • Which of your heroes will you be likely to use on your Attack Teams?
  • Will the restrictions or special rule of this Tournament change your usual approach to color stacking or team building?
  • Are there elements of this week’s Tournament that are unclear to you?
  • Do you have feedback on the Tournament matchmaking?

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  • Which day of the Tournament is it?
  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?
  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?
  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?
  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?
  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?
  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

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Lot of Alfrikes in that previous top 10. Since it’s vf, my defense will be Kalø/Treevil/red/Franz/c MN.

For the red who do you think is better?

  • Mitsuko+20
  • Elena+20 (no costume)
  • Azlar+20 (no costume)
  • Zagrog+19 (lb lvl 81)

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Only one healer in the corner? Something tells me it won’t works :confused:
If I were you, I would swap MN and Franz (Kalo in the corner will be as MN if she dies first).


Mmm… well, the thing is that if both MN and Franz are dead, if Kalø rezzes Franz, then he won’t fire Franz’s ability (or at least that’s how I understand it to work). Maybe it’s minor, but that’s the reasoning. I’ll ponder switching them, but I think I’m sticking with it.

As far as the def working, those 4 with whichever damage dealer at tank has given me an A def in each 5* rush tourney since gargoyles came out, and only 1 one shot kill in rush wars (with Athena at tank, no less)

I want to add that I do thank you for your input, because I don’t want this to come off as dismissive. I appreciate hearing your thoughts, even if I don’t end up using your advice :smile:


No blue/ice mitsuko won’t do you any good this time so I went jagrog


I only considered her an option due to 1. Not many good red options on my roster, 2. Maybe the mana cut would be useful?

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Thanks didn’t take the mana cut into consideration…need to rethink my choice now


So my initial thought is that I’d like to try:

Gramps LB +20, Ferant+20, Treevil LB +20, LotL LB +20, Anzogh LB +19

I’m not sure if it’s too passive though. With the lack of debuff in red I’m less worried about carrying 2 green as should face less complete stacks due to Ferant and his counterattack.

I do have an only partially emblemed Franz, contemplating if better to have him than Gramps

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Annoying enough? This is gonna be super hard vf-tournament, no Miki or Lord Loki to use (not that these always aren’t)

I wish the 2nd troops were better, but I haven’t got red Magic Troop yet, so I’m just hoarding feeders for them… And also never have the food to level them :smiley:


I always struggle with the 5 star tourneys, but this should be about the best for me in terms of leveraging my slow red costumes.

The only other possibility is to put a holy healer in place of one of the reds…


Maybe this team?


Here’s my current setup. Thinking of throwing in Lu Bu, Franz, Ferant, or Kalo. But I also don’t know who I’d drop.

For the moment, here’s my defense. I’m considering other options but I’ll come back to it a little later this afternoon

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My reds suck bad… First draft …


Considering this.

Another option would be Goseck as tank and e.g Congalach or Prof Lidenbrock as left flank. Which is tougher? Ferant as above, or Goseck?

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I’m laughing looking at these teams and not knowing who half the heroes are. Life as a F2P player in a world of power leap.


I’m wondering how many Ilmarinen people will use in this one, since it is a perfect rush for him.


As luck would have it, I have Ilmarinen but not maxed, only 5 rings at the moment. But gosh, just looking at all of your defenses is making me feel like it’s going to be another short week for me, although sometimes i do ok in 5* rush. I could do the Franz/Treevil thing too though:

I don’t have a reviver. I just checked and i can give Elena some emblems, but i’m not sure if it’s worth it just for this. let me know if you have any thoughts. my other idea was maybe regular Rigard in the corner instead of Arco as a safeguard against Treevil/Franz also. :laughing:


What team should I go with?

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Trying something new. I’m going costume Khagan hoping it speeds up the wings.

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