16 year old gets $3 million for winning Fortnite World Cup

Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has become the youngest esports professional to break into the top 10 esports earners, after scooping the $3 million prize following his solo win at the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

I can hardly wait for the Empires & Puzzles World Cup!


For E&P World Champion read:

16-year-old becomes top 10 esports spender after E&P World Cup win…

The Empires and Puzzles World Cup solos champ is one of esports’ poorest players after just one event.

“I’m so proud of him”, said his mother, “shame he spent his entire college tuition on Atlantis summons, trying to pull a burrito.”


16-year spends $3 million trying to summon Atlantis featured 5* heroes.

19-year old sibling who spent entire college student loan money last year chasing HOTMs now looks good to parents, by comparison.

Game Developers buy their 4th Bugatti.


Now, when you lose a couple raids, think about that guy arrived 2nd in that tournament and smile.


Keep smiling :smiley:

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458 total pulls for Kage and I’m Oh-Fer. 103 this last Round netted a pair of Seshat (already had 2) and a Magni.

Just so no one else gets misled. I thought you guys were serious!!!

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