16 Warm Capes. OR: "What have you done out of boredom with your heroes?"

I maxed my sabina on emblems and now that I have 155 sorc emblems again… Skittles is my only other maxed sorcerer … do I???


Level 55 with 181 locked heroes


When you’ve been playing for 18 months, orbs etc aren’t really a thing any more.


I know it’s in my head, but… now that I currently have no heroes to work on (save ONE dart still for my Onatel) ahem, since I dont have any projects, I’ve been getting 3 star AM almost regularly (I edited that down from “all the time” so as not to tempt the cruel, random E&P gods).

These are my “out of boredom” projects:

88 heroes locked. Most of those are 3*.

I have zero warm capes actually. I wish I could max Boril and Sonya. I have plenty of all other 3* mats. I’ve maxed every green 4* I got and I still have 16 shields in inventory :confused:


Level 50 and… idk, like 130 heroes locked. I still have feeders and am too lazy to do math, but it’s a mix of 4* unleveled, various 3* maxed but unemblemed heroes, and of course my actual leveled heroes and war teams. I’ve kept multiples of good heroes (3 Rigards, only one of which is max+emblems for example), all of my 5* no matter how bad (coughguardianowlandhorghallcough), and at least one copy of 3* heroes and multiples of good ones (I have 3 max level Valens for challenge events and raid tournaments for instance). I usually keep 3 of any good heroes, since I can’t imagine a reason to run more than 3 in any team (unless it’s for wars, but I don’t need 3* for that), otherwise, I’d have like 6 Namahage and 6 Mnessus… lewl.

Currently working on a 2nd Balthazar since only having one, a max Cochin, and a max… R… Renfeld… kinda screwed me over for the last tournament. It takes me like a week to max one out, so why not. Also, my Seshat is locked until I get a 6th tabard, and Gafar/Tiburtus are waiting since they don’t have the trap tools for 4th ascension anyway (currently at 2/1 each) since those are reserved for Seshat.

Look at this post, find Mariamne’s Sorcerer section, and ask yourself if you have any realistic chance of getting any of those other Sorcerers and if you’d even want to emblem them if you did: 🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Quests

If the answer is yes, then wait. If no, you might as well emblem Skittle.

Currently I’m leveling healers since I like to bring two healers into each raid attack, and I only have 11 at the moment, and that’s including my 3/60 Kashhrek which is nice and all but not the most versatile option. Bringing up my duplicate Boldtusks, Kirils, Rigards, and Sabinas up after their turn in line. After maxing Richard and Frida, don’t have any blue 5* to focus on, so all the Kirils are getting leveled in sequence, but Boldtusk#3 will have to wait in line for Scarlett to finish then Queen of Hearts immediately after that, and the purples are instantly going on hold the moment I get that 6th tabard.

I also have Kashhrek and a 2nd Gadeirus that I’ll max because of the aforementioned avalanche of shields, but they’re waiting after Skittle since I need her for Sorcerer class quests… and that’s really about it. But I have all the shields, so why not.

If you’re that bored of leveling heroes, maybe work on a good 3* bench for raid tournaments and events. That’s all I can think of.


Yes! Scraps! Who is sitting at the bottom of your roster just languishing away?


Mok Arr is niche, not useless.

I would LOVE to have him and drop him into my Dark Stack with Hel, Kage, Seshat, and Sartana.

Guin who?


Sorcerers are my lightest class by FAR. I have four: Sabs. Skitts, Gill and Chochin. as you can see, those last two are still 1-1.
I do need more healers…

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I 4/1 Hu Tao because of that.

I have so many orbs (34) that I shrugged right through it. Going to 3/70 horghall and thorne too.

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I took Thorne to 3x70. I have many capes to burn. Wish I had the Fine Gloves back though…


When I was finishing my 1st Azlar I was DYING for Hidden Blades. Now that he’s done… well you know what shows up in Mystic Visions and Titan loot.

I’m level 46 and have 93 heroes locked. One is a duplicate Ulmer though, who I will most likely use to max skill on the one Ulmer I’m going to level up for 3* tourneys.

For the original topic… I’m currently skilling up Cheshire Cat but I don’t know why, I don’t see it as that useful of a hero. Maybe I’ll change my mind once it is leveled up enough to use, but I kind of feel like if I’m going to bring a PURPLE to a fight just in the hopes of getting enough purple tiles to shuffle the board around… why not bring a real, POWERFUL hero instead, and hope for enough of THEIR tiles to make a difference instead? /shrug/


They probably never get leveled and stay dusty, since they are dupes or better options are waiting for mats.


I never run a 5tack, so he wouldn’t fit my style. But honestly, if you can run Hel, Kage, Seshat, and Sartana, I’m guessing you aren’t losing many raids anyway, unless the board is unkind. Mok-Arr would just make it a squash.


Why not give them some love? Three-stars level quickly, and Gill-Ra has the rare cleansing ability, even if she is slow.


I wish I had Mok-Arr.

Would go beautifully with Panther, Khiona, Seshat and Quintus (or Cheshire Cat @ +20)


I have 78 heroes out of my 87 hero caps locked. Level 55, no cap space increase purchased, all 78 are 3* and above. No duplicates.

I usually try to work on 1 and possibly 2 of each color at a time. But I’ve actually ran out of Yellow heroes to level after maxing out the Guardian Jackal I got (not from the event this month, but the previous one), and Arman I got I had got this past summer sands event. The only yellow left to work on is Justice, my lone 5* Yellow that has never been touched. Believe me, if I had any other yellow 3* to 4* heroes I would’ve worked on them first before Justice (Yes, even Danzaburo, if I had him, but I don’t). But they never came, so it begins the long process of spoon feeding the Ancient of Stone. I still have 26 Orbs in my inventory since I am most short of yellow heroes, and with the luck I have having acquiring yellow heroes, Justice just might be getting all of them, plus the darts.

Just waiting for some other yellow 5* to work on to hopefully drop in. If I ever get Vivica, Joon, or Leonidas, progress to Justice would come to a screeching halt, for sure.


I will now that my Merlin is maxed. I enjoy maxing out 3s more than 4s or def 5s.

Hey, I get that. Mana control, ftw, right? (I would wink over at my Onatel, but well, you know…) :laughing:

I don’t know that I enjoy it more, but the gratification comes way more quickly. I’m still slowly building my first rainbow 5-star team, so I’m kinda craving the big payoff that comes with that.

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