⚔ [15th Nov, 2020] - 82nd Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Nature/ Green

Day 4 & 5 & final

Day 4 was the worst…loosing 3 times. Day 5 only one loss on attack…this is ok. I looked at the tanks I lost to…I did not win against mana generating buffers… 0:2 against Sif and 0:1 against Ariel…though 1 one of the Sifs didn’t fire. :thinking:

I beat the player #10 in the end (Aegir tank).

Defense…all wins on day 3…and only got down in the end…bit disappointed. Ran a similar defence last time which was graded C. At least I hoped for D…think of E not justified…well can’t change it. Next time Sonya in again.

Emblems - reserved for Grimble.


Made it to top10.


Wow, that’s a pretty bad loot man, I feel the pain :frowning:

I ended top25% got some emblems and crap. Got knocked out on day 3 really fast while my def stayed A the entire time. Was tempted to buy back in but I’m F2P so don’t wanna waste my gems on it, saving for Valhalla :sweat_smile:


Will keep counting. :joy:
My question was about the chance to get those 100 emblems, now I see it’s 25%. On average, should be once in 4 draws, and I guess it will happen in the long run.
I didn’t care about the loot before, but last couple of months I’m a bit puzzled with consistency of not seeing these “rare” events and valuable rewards. For example, I have 64 titans without a 4* asc mats. :muscle: All other sources (chests, regular or elemental, mystic vision - so quite few of them) gave me one in the same period. :dancer:
So, I became curious - how long will it last? There’s no frustration, just curiosity. :blush:

Day 5 & Results - This was truly a “Nightmare on Elm Street” moment! I went 2-3 attacking and 0-0 defending. Overall, I was 16-9 attacking and 5-3 defending (A-rated defense, ABAAA this week). I had absolutely terrible boards! I should have waited to do my battles to a later time since I was seeing terrible boards during my normal raids! I went 3-1-1 format that should have wiped up easily, but instead I was void of every color tile I needed in almost every battle! Argh! Oh well!

I finished Top 5% with a decent return for my efforts.

Time to get ready for next week’s tournament, 4* Bloody tournament no Red/Fire. Good luck all! :wink:


i can’t complain. this guys did well according to me

Day 1 3 - 2 A
Day 2 7 - 3 A
Day 3 10 - 5 A
Day 4 12 - 7 A
Day 5 13 - 9 B

Good luck to everyone at future tournaments

Defenses of the top 10 finishers.

Defenses are interesting to me this tourney. Only 5 are +90. 2nd place finisher has three 4⭐ and the 5⭐are a +6 and a +0. Fluke?


Final rank and rewards:

Screenshot_20201121-101201782 (1)

Defense team used:

Defense team performance:

  • Wins: 10,
  • Losses: 4,
  • Grades: B, A, A, A, A.

Ninjas were the most dangerous flanks for me in this tournament, so many dodged tiles… :crazy_face:


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