15* Titan idea – Ursena-like fight, possibly with Minions or 2 Stages

Ya I realize you just unlocked 14* titans but you should really plan to add something special at lvl 15 like an ursena type fight w minion spawns (One that taunts and one that silences).

A better idea to give it logevity is make it 2 stages like ursena. If you kill the first stage you get normal 15* Titan rewards. Then make the Second stage rare without minions so that it has an increased chance at 4* items and maybe additional rewards. If needed you can have it reset to 14* titans win or lose… meaning you need to kill 4x 14* titans again to get the 15* Titan.

With a lot of people unlocking the hunting lodge it gives a better reason for this. Make it part of the new expansion.

I don’t expect people to kill the second stage for a while but it’s there to strive for and done this way means you can make it hard without forcing people to always fail at 15* titans since it becomes a choice to go for it or not.


Cool idea! The spawning mobs could also be included into his special “summon an ally” wich would cover a portion of the board, making it harder to hit the weak spot.
To compensate the increased difficulty it could stun the titan for 1 turn upon death.

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I like the minion stun on death idea and tying the double minion spawn to the special making it controllable.

The point is the have the ability to make interesting and strategic titans more then what they currently have right now which is basically pure dps fights. And it will be a shame to continue doing this.