15 Heroes for my defense Team

Hi there,

I have 15 maxed 5 star Heroes which I take into consideration for my defense team. I have enough Emblems for 1 Hero of each class but not enough for 2 of the same class. Here are the Heroes which I find usable for my defense team:

What would be your favourite setup for the defense team?

Thanks already for taking your time :slight_smile:


Your presentation with pictures is very inviting so It made me consider your options :slight_smile:

My personal take :

Evelynn - Ursena - Krampus - Telurria - Clarrisa


  1. Krampus / Telluria for minion festival
  2. Evelyn and Telurria work hand in hand with elemental links& healing& deff down dmg
  3. Ursena and Clarissa works hand in hand with prevention of enemy bringing black and yellow.
  4. Evelyn as dispeller is very valuable

2nd option

Poseidon - Krampus - Telluria - JF - Magni

  1. Telluria invites red, which makes Krampus and Magni sturdier, JF is there if they bring Blue element as well.
  2. Poseidon gives you mana ailments protection, which you dont have otherwise without Clarissa/Ursena
  3. Red doesnt have dispellers, so Krampus will taunt like a BOSS

3rd option :

Evelynn - Missandra - Ursena - Grazul - Kingston

  1. You make enemies second guess bringing yellow or black with Ursena
  2. Missandra is feeding extra mana to Grazul for even faster healing and ailment protection on top of his mana buffing element link. (in this way, you are safe vs ailments)
  3. Evelynn empoweres kingston and brings dispell, while Kingston debuffs enemies

There you go :slight_smile: I think any of the above options are worth trying. See which gives you best defense rating (cups)

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I’m gonna go


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I don’t have most of these heroes – nice selection of heroes btw – so I can only speak from second-hand experience. I find the hardest tanks are the ones that punish me hard when I don’t take them out early, and the worst for me in that category is Ursena.

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Choose any defensive set-up using the available heroes, within resonable limits, of course (meaning no sniper as tank, no slow as wing, all the common sense rules). Keep a defense line for a week and than put up the next and the next after one week… you’ll see, there will be no significant difference in your average number of cups… None of the possible set-ups will keep you above 2700. Also, none will drop you below 2500. So basically there’s no difference who you put in your defense line, as long as you respect some basic rules. To keep above 2700 you need a different set of heroes, including ninjas, Frigg, Odin, BK, Jabber, Finley and a few select others. You want sattisfaction, focus on attack, not on defense. Defense are sitting ducks for other players to kick around.

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These are well thought out options. Only thing I don’t agree with is Magni on left wing in the second option. He works best as a flank.

If, however, you don’t want to double up on any particular color (I’m a fan of rainbow, myself). You could go with these options:

  1. Kingston JF Krampus Clarissa Joon - Would prefer Ursena in there over Clarissa but both she and Krampus are sorcerers so they would need to share emblems.
  2. Marjana Ursena Telly Magni Joon - Again one hero per class will let you max the emblems.

Any way you go with good luck…great presentation of your heroes!

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Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I will try out your suggested settings.

Regarding the presentation of my heroes I used https://enphero.com/

for that. In case you don’t know this site already.

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Kingston jf krampus ursena joon

Krampus and ursena share emblems but they’re two of the best in the business. I think you can split them and slowly build them both up.

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I disagree with Telly being anywhere but tank…I’d even argue to bench her permanently. Evelyn, Krampus, Kunchen, Kingston, c. Joon would be my vote.

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