15* & 16* Titans

What do you think, is it time to introduce 15* titans? I know they are already mythical but maybe?

Would be nice if they introduce 15* and 16* titans, in our alliance the 14* are sometimes almost dead after 2 hours, for rare titans we have a rule to stop at 250k damage until every member had the chance to attack! But i would rather see an increase of the loot, the loot soooooo poor, it’s just ridiculous!!

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They’re already in the pipeline according to sources, they’re just trying to work out loot for them as it looks like it will need an over haul of the current loot system

No need for 15 or 16. Just increase the loot of the others.

We do need 15 and 16* titans. Any good alliance has to hold back big time to avoid killing a titan before 5+ people have even hit.