15* & 16* Titans

Would want stronger titans with better loot.

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or i would suggest a better idea
let them grow/increase as much as you can, with more rolls etc…

but let leaders/alliances to be able to put a cap on the level max of the titans the alliance should get > meaning no pass titans for all alliances, everyone at their chosen levels



+1 for 15 and 16* titans.

14* titans doesn’t provide challenge anymore, they became something like errands.

ideas provided for new titans are great. new variations needed to break the routine

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Yes please, higher levels and slightly better loot, make the rares much harder, ours are dead so fast it would be nice to get more than three flags in before it’s dead! While your at it upgrade the food, iron and stronghold too!

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+1 for higher titan levels. We have to tell our members to hold hits once they get to b loot just so everyone can get a fair chance of getting a hit in. How hard is it to create titans with more health?


Add in a 14 Super Rare once a month with higher health. Add an extra draw to each category. Just spice it up a tad.

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many of the big alliances attacked Titan *14, I think SSG would be fair to add Titan stars and of course also more attractive prizes


Four years and countless threads (myself being one) begging for 15 star… New titans… and better loot. Maybe they may listen to you😘


Are there any plans to introduce 15-star titans into the game? Not a boast but in my current alliance there is always bickering over the titans (14*) dying too quickly and some players not getting the opportunity to hit.

Hoping for positive feedback.

Maybe the selfish folks in your alliance should not keep hitting when there are still alliance members that haven’t had a chance to hit. There’s no bonus for how fast you kill a titan, so hold your flags and let others hit unless you’re greedy.

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Only the devs know about any plans.

In the meantime, I know some alliances have discontinued their titan minimum damage and introduced a cap on titan maximum damage instead. :wink:


It’s time for EnP to come up with 15* titans that have cool skills and BETTER LOOTS Ffs :slight_smile: