15* & 16* Titans

Keep in mind that 14* already offer you the best chances (as tiny they might be) for ascension materials - alliances killing smaller titans have even way smaller chances to obtain these…
For sure you invest more ressources than the loot rewards you. But again, when an alliance is capable to chain 14s easily, they can safe ressources compared to alliances killing smaller titans.

some ideas:

design: elephant, giraffe, python, cyclops, giant ghost/ undead being, bull, kraken.

special skills: bleed damage, increasing attack down (a la Kingston), mana buff on titan, mana degeneration, mana cut, Frost stack, minion debuff. for titans, i wouldn’t want anything that’s uncleansable or undispellable.

i think keeping the rares as they are now is fine.

I dunno TriN, maybe advance to a level and alliance that chains 14* titans, see how bad the loot is and circle back. It’s not all butterflies and unicorns.

i’d like that too, but pretty much nothing in this game is commensurate with the effort required to attain it, including titan rewards. the best we can hope for is getting a top spot in an event with guaranteed loot (challenge events and Ninja Tower specifically) to take RNG out of the loot determination.

Sorry, I thought you were one of those in “14* titans are meh”.

While it is true that top alliances can chain titans, the same can be said of many aspects of the game: much earlier than that you can chain rare quests, for instance, and even earlier you can autofarm map stages.

If we define chaining (or farming) as a problem we should address it in every area of the game rather than just titans.
“But you have to start somewhere” sounds very weak to me: endgame exists in E&P, it is a working hypothesis.
And the request, here, is not just for a greater challenge, but rather a challenge that yields richer loot.

I gotta tell you: the main problem I see with titans is not the maxxed-Elo-like approach, nor the struggle to fight harder titans.
TBH what it comes down to, at least for me, is letting a titan every 5-6 go, possibly just before a rare shows up.
It just becomes accepting that you can’t kill all the titans, while the top alliances can.

As it stands… it doesn’t make any sense to me.
It would be a lot fairer if the alliance could decide the titan level it wants to face.
Let the leaders decide if they want to take a shot at the next level, based on the energy, the materials, the zodiacal sign of the eventual titan…
That would make the ground fair without having to simply accept that 16%-25% of the titans escape for all the players.

But this is another thread.

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The backgrounds behind the Titans also needs to be changed to match the Titans element. The goblin King should be emerging from the Earth, dirt and trees around him, not emerging from lava.

The Godzilla monster primal lizard should be coming from the sea.

Well, I have been there and know that you get better loot there. I know there is a lot of subjective feelings involved and I am not asking for statistics to prove.

However, let’s not get further off topic. :vulcan_salute:

Omg no! our alliance kills with 12-15hr left usually don’t get in more than 3 hits unless you’re on it in the beginning and end. NEVER use anything more than Mana pots for Miki (no nados ever) huge resource savings for NT and Mythic. We save our flags to Merc in order to get ham. What’s the point of getting harder titans and have loot percentage increase by 0.000000000000000000000…0000000000000000000…0000000000000…000001% per Titan while not being able to hunt for food anymore.


Actually, if you can save flags and go hunting for food that’s just another advantage those alliances have and one more reason why there should be higher titans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. In my alliance I have quite some excess flags due to fast kills. I don’t mind the 400k extra food a day, but objectively it’s kinda ridiculous to get such a resource advantage.

Good luck in the war vs Phoenix Empire today… but not too much luck :smiley:

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Haha thank you! And same to you!

My alliance usually is around the top 300, though we are at 423 currently. We have been chaining 14s for a while now, but we are not at a point where we can slack off. It takes 100% from everyone to do it.

I haven’t noticed a difference in loot. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I got a 4* mat from a titan and Im always at least A rank. Im not sure if I would like to see 15 and 16 star titans or not. However, with all the power creep, 14s are going to be more and more trivial.

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It seems developers are not in a hurry or have no appetite for the long-anticipated 15* or even 16* titans. The problem is, these 14s go down so fast for some alliances and are not a challenge anymore. Obviously, I am advocating for the game to release some tougher titans, but I also have an alternative idea. What if they don’t create tougher titans, but instead of facing one titan, you get 2 on the screen. The added challenge of smaller targets will make things more interesting too. After 14, perhaps it would go to two 11s or a 14 and an 8* to start, increasing with wins until you get to two 14*s. They would both be random colours, so it would certainly add an element of strategy for your team makeup and how the alliance focuses its attacks. Of course, it would also mean double loot if you killed both. What do people think of this?

What about if they introduced a MT with terrible loot?

Been begging for 2 years for 15 & 16s… Even a mystic in rotation… 14s are soooo boring and no updated titans but 10000 heroes added… Made this thread a year ago

Need Some Excitement on titans


Not to mention the drop rate for 4* mats from 14* titans are garbage. Atleast for me anyways.


We need more… 14 * dead in less then 8 h…

Challenge your self’s and beat your record time.

It do not have sense making stronger titans. Loot are almost the same just you need more tools to beat him. Mystic titan is your 15-16* titan. Our alliance are also able beat titan in 8 hours and it is fine. Easy loot and did not take too much job.