15* & 16* Titans

Where else would you keep your pretend damascus blade?


Haha! Good one. I have so many scabbards. Now I just need same amount of Dblades to fill them.

It’s an interesting point. I think the top 300 alliances could deal with 15 or 16* titans with no major problems.
However, after being in one of those alliances for a while, I can tell you that the amount of effort and items needed to take down 14* titans, simply doesn’t pay off with the crappy drops.
Unless SG establishes a minimum guaranteed loot per each titan level, I don’t see many reasons to go upper than 14*

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I agree. Both titan and titan chest loots should be improved.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m in a top 10 to 20 alliance and we have to stop ppl from hitting the titan so everyone can hit. I’ve been playing for 4 yrs now and the only new Titans have been rares and mystic. If SG can push all these new hero’s to take our money it shouldn’t be a problem to make new titans! With some of them being stronger. These titans are so over due and the old ones are… Well OLD! Please like this post or comment so maybe we can get some. I dig all the new stuff they’re coming out with but that is just more money for them. Give us something new that doesn’t cost anything. Thanks in advance!!!


Aaaaaand… Yep, you don’t know about everyone else.

You are in a top 10 to 20 alliance, you are expected to easily front the endgame for alliances.
You can’t expect the game to be calibrated, at any extent, on the top 10 anything.

Simple as that :woman_shrugging:t3:


I agree with the sentiment, but given that there’s already no difference between C and A+ loot with 14* titans, they’d just be increasing the difficulty again with no commensurate reward (because you know they’re never going to increase the drop rates for unfarmable mats.

So no thank you to 15* and higher titans unless they improve the loot.


in terms of new types like rares or simply new look titans, i don’t see why not.

in terms of levels, 14* is more than enough in terms of loot and global power.

i don’t want to start skipping titans after we started chaining 14* few months ago because fewer than 50 alliances kills them too fast.

better have new events like mythical titan for that.


Agreed, 15 and 16 star titans are long overdue. Seeing the same old titans gets really old after a while.

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Absolutely agree. :+1:
I guess there are quite a lot alliances chaining 14s for months and longer already. I see some kind of mildly unfair advantage for those alliances, as they reached a point where they kill titans without much effort and ressources. They can safe those ressources for events and alike to score better there and get even more and better loot, while others need to manage their ressources very carefully.
That leaves players in alliances killing lower titans and needing to skip every now and then ever further behind.

I never understood why there is a star limit at all? I mean, if alliances manage to kill 22* titan, why don’t let them do so? :thinking: Why shouldn’t they need more (read: the same) effort, planning and ressource management for better loot?

Just my two cent…


I don’t want higher level titans personally. I farm hard in AR, rarely let my WE get full for too long and battle item mats can still run a bit low at times. That is just for titans, I don’t compete in events.

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Because at some point you need a plateau otherwise the two top alliances are gonna get bored even by war matchmaking.
(Wow, another Balon d’Or to Ronessi!)

Because titans aren’t a rigidly isolated play mode: they provide a lot of things that are used in other “phases” (drops, scores, crafting material).
Had the devs used a different approach where your loot/score in a game phase was limited to that phase I would have no problems giving you galaxy titans but since it’s not like that and considering you are already winning there is no reason to give you more unless those bigger titans yielded no better loot.
And let’s be clear: anchoring loot to titan level has always been wrong as it rewards power over effort.
What has never been clear is why a small alliance clearing a 9* (hard) doesn’t get the same/better reward a top 10 clearing a 14* (routine) does.

Because same effort = same prize in a world that aspires to any fairness, scalability and longevity.

God, you are already winning, and you would welcome the introduction of unfair mechanics just to win more…
What you miss is not in the game


12* chaining was monotonous and 14* were finally introduced after blems and titan slayers like miki. Any alliance that is in top 150 probably chains them now and power creep plus possibility of limit breakers will make them die even quicker.

16* and some new designs are overdue


Don’t know, where i was unclear or where i got misunderstood?! :thinking: FYI, i am in alliance where we just skip a 9* titan…
Nevermind, i think i already said, why i personally think, that those alliances chaining 14s are in an advantage. Getting rid of an upper limit might make them affording the same efforts as smaller alliances already have to.

So the goal is to make everyone suffer equally? Heh.

That’s just what you made of my arguments.

But ok, let me add another argument:
All alliances needing to skip titans every now and then get less (and less attractive) loot in doing so, while those at the top chaining get loot every single day. An unlimited star level would even that out as well. :wink:

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Higher titans might be a concern for some, but most, and by that I mean the overwhelming majoity, would settle for some new monsters and special skillls. The top alliances want higher titans, the masses are just bored with the same monsters over and over. Design like 10 titans in every level and color for us, add new specials for them. Suffle them so hard we won’t even remember them when they return, the only limit is your inagination. Is that so limited?


I have been chaining 14* titans for a long time
In this alliance, most of the time I’ll get trash loot. The point is that increasing the titan difficulty currently will yield no higher chance at desirable loot. The vast majority of the time I spend more in resources than I recieve. It’s a for that tiny chance of a 4* mat

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New titans, with new abilities and a new look I am 100% for


Again, what’s the point of having to fight tougher titans if the loot doesn’t improve? And you know it won’t. Look at the lengths they’re going to to limit “unfair” profiting from rare titans.

I’m against making things harder simply for the thrill of making things harder. I’d prefer commensurate rewards for my efforts.