14 Titans withouth Asension item

Can I ask what is the problem with the algorithm of this game? How is it possible that today I killed my Titan number 14 and I still did not get any asension item? the same without item in mystical vision, red chests, chests of 5 dead titans or in war. I have posted my disagreement with many things about the game, will it be possible and legal for the developers to be sabotaging my game?

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You should aways get some ascension material. Unfortunately, they can also be boots, chainmail or other farmable material.
If you get a loot without any material at all, it’s definitely a bug!


Are you in an alliance that fights bigger titans? Quite a difference in loot chances between a 5 and a 10 star titan. And do you score well enough yourself?

“The level of the Titan (as shown by stars) is the primary factor for what grade of Loot can be gained for defeating a Titan. Additionally, the top damage dealers also have a chance for improved loot beyond the baseline provided by the level of Titan. The top player has the best chance for improved loot. The 5 players after the top player also have slightly improved chances for improved loot.”

More simply: What tier of loot drop do you get from titans?

Unfortunately, it this is a game that requires the patience of an old chinese monk. But it has it’s moments. Today is harvest day for me. I have been waiting three month for a fourth trap tool, but today I’m going to collect on the long wait, for there is a Morlovia quest on my quest screen, which guarantees a long awaited trap tool. I also thought the game might be rigged after not getting any 4* heroes out of TC 13 for a very long time. But suddenly four consecutive red 4* heroes spawned over a two or three weeks period, while non of any other color. It was a bit frustrating to see all those 4*'s spawning red one after another, but after a while I thought “hey, you got very lucky to get four 4* heroes in two weeks, no matter what color they are”. So patience is my advice, good things will come and meantime, make the best of what you got.

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I’m tracking my AM and for titan, it’s the first column.

As you can see, I got stuck a little bit in September… But in the long run, yes, you will get some AM. We mostly fight 5* titan, we are casual and don’t pass the 6* for now. I’m regularly A+, so the curse apply sometimes and patience is always required. Don’t worry about the RNG, it will go your way anytime in the future.

I am in the Odysey alienza 9-10 Titans.

I got yesterday After 8 month, my first 4* ascension Item. Rings

Why aren’t you playing rare quests?

@Sidhekin. I ment my first 4* ascension Item from Titans. Rare Quest i always play and get my items, but from Titans i got no 4* ascension Item för 8 month.

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