14* Rare Titan!

Unicorns do exist! This one is going to be tough.


Gratz guys
Got the same :slight_smile:
Soon to be dead hopefully

OH NO, YOURS GOT 5.72 HP, CRAZY :frowning:


Let us know how many folks get scopes if you take it down. thx…


Yeah, and 2 members left just a few hours ago so it’ll be very difficult. I’d be very sad to let it pass, but we might have to. :disappointed_relieved:

Is it true that if you join after it has appeared you’ll be in spectator mode, like in war?
Don’t let it go, you should have flasks, kill it. So fat :slight_smile: yummy

I think you can hit, but don’t get the extra bonus chance. I’m pushing for a kill, but we’ve burned a lot on recent titans so some members are concerned.

Could you please check when someone joins whether they can hit? Just curious, cuz we’ve had discussions.

The biggest questions is what this increased chance is. I don’t like it when devs don’t give figures. They’re being disrespectful to players imo, cuz 0.01% is still increased, but the resources required to take this baby down are enormous. Stop time is a must, cuz it kills everything with one shot.

Good luck with killing it :smiling_imp:

True…but cmon man it’s the rare 14!!!

Take this one down then drop back down to 12s or whatever’s sustainable.


It’s as @Wharflord said.
This should convince, hopefully: 1.12 Release Notes & Status:


It was rumoured that some beta testers said about spectators mode. Would be just nice to clarify, as I’ve seen these notes.
But thanks anyway

As I expected, these rare titans are on a schedule

SG would waste no opportunity to keep firm grip on the inflow of unfarmable ascension mats.

Inflow of ascension materials?
I hope this is sarcasm…
I already reported that I got my 6th telescope only last week during quest. I’ve been playing 8 months now or so.
53 ascension 4* materials in total (15-20 I BOUGHT). That’s ridiculous.

tHANKS FOR SHARING!!we were wondering if rare titans actually existed. Now we know that they do…in Unicorn form

6 telescopes for this baby on whole alliance.
I got tonic for A+. No telescope

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From our perspective, it’s a slooooooow trickle, like watching glass (which actually is a liquid!) flow.

From -their- perspective, they’re distributing a considerable number of 3* and 4* ascension items every. single. day. server wide and that is definitely an inflow they’re keeping close watch on.

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Myth about glass

True about paint drying, grass growing and 4* ascension items.


Glass myth

Click arrow to read

These sheets were thicker around the edges and installed such that the heavier side was at the bottom.

But the myth that glass flows has persisted over time. Part of the reason is that glass is a supercooled viscous substance that was vitrified — a massive change in physical properties in which a first-order phase transition was avoided (unlike the standard solid/liquid/gas state of matter transitions).

Scientists disprove glass myth

In order to ascend 2 5* heroes a year (each colour) i need 2 4* items weekly. I’m half that amount. If i don’t consider donation items even half of that. This is unacceptable, imo. Has a bad smell to it

Oh? Well I didn’t know that, so thanks for the link. Some more scientific insight here: http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/General/Glass/glass.html

I’m going to ascend 2 5* heroes within the year. It -is- very slow going indeed. But I’ve taken the slow going path from the get go, I’ve accepted it as it is, a game feature. A frustrating one, at times though… where’s that last poison dart I need for Justice?. Still, there are also players out there that gather half a dozen of 5*'s in their first month by infusions of cash only to find out they’re just as stuck as the rest of us after that, and for them the change of pace must be terribad.


But let’s get back to rare titan feedback. Wasn’t it well done? :joy:

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