⚔ [14 Mar, 2021] - 99th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Fire/ Red

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(08:00 GMT)
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:no_pedestrians: This Week’s Restrictions & Special Rule

:fire: :leaves: :snowflake: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:
Elements Allowed
:superhero: :star2:
Hero Rarities Allowed
:person_fencing: :star2:
Troop Rarities Allowed
:snowflake: :leaves: :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:
No Fire/ Red
:four: :star:
or lower
:three: :star:
or lower

:dizzy: Special Rule: Buff Booster

Each buffs adds an attack multiplier!

:timer_clock: History

=> Most Recent Occurrence of This Format: ⚔ [26 July, 2020] - 66th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Fire/ Red

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:left_speech_bubble: Before, During & After the Tournament: Share & Discuss Your Teams, Thoughts, Feedback, and Questions!

:speaking_head: Some topics to start off with:

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  • Do this week’s restrictions on hero/troop rarity and elements make your bench depth better or worse suited to this Raid Tournament than Regular Raids?
  • Are there heroes you’re likely to use for this Tournament that you normally don’t make use of anymore?
  • Are there heroes you plan to power level for this Tournament, or level before the next time a Tournament like this one rolls around?
  • Do Costumes affect your team selection at all?
  • What are you thinking about using for your Defense Team?
  • Are there heroes you expect to see on Enemy Defenses that you think you’ll have a harder time dealing with than usual because of the restrictions or special rule in this Tournament?
  • Which of your heroes will you be likely to use on your Attack Teams?
  • Will the restrictions or special rule of this Tournament change your usual approach to color stacking or team building?
  • Are there elements of this week’s Tournament that are unclear to you?
  • Do you have feedback on the Tournament matchmaking?

:clipboard: Defense Team Tracking

Hat tip to @wineybrit for originating this thread idea with the second Raid Tournament

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  • Which day of the Tournament is it?
  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?
  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?
  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?
  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?
  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?
  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

:gem: After the Tournament: Share Your Results & Rewards!

:world_map: Log & Guide to Raid Tournaments

A Log of past Tournaments, and an overview of how Raid Tournaments work, including Special Rules and Restrictions, Attacking, Matchmaking, Defense Grade, Scoring, and Rewards.

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Oh yeah, Brynhild is ready for this :smiley:

Edit : Not sure who to put on defense yet, but looking forward to the offense side. A couple of new toys (Ametrine, cGrimm) to try out :smiley:

I would like to throw in C.Rigard somewhere

  1. attempt : Almur - Buddy - Brynhild - Buddy - C. Melendor // Melendor will probably be switched with C. Rigard and Amur and Rigard will switch places.

I am considering C. Melendor, beacuse Buddy reduces attack, while Bryn buff special defense and Melendor normal defense. Bryn also protects vs dispells. A recipe for natural wall :slight_smile:

C. Melendor also uses Almur deff down, which Rigard doesnt.

On other hand, C. Rigard brings cleanse which we dont have and attack boost, while we already have semi dispell with two buddies!

Im 60% for Rigard, 40 % Melendor :slight_smile:

Top 10 from the last time.


Thanks for collecting these. It’s always interesting to look back.


I like to look back on these not necessarily to see what heros were used but to see how defenses were set up. AOE vs Sniper, healers vs no healer, buff vs debuff, etc. I originally started doing this for myself but thought it a useful tool for others and wanted to give back something to the forum that has given me so much over the the past 3 years.


Probably too early haha but I love 4 star tourneys so trying to plan ahead

Have two main ideas, I noticed that all of the top defenses from last time had at least two buffers.

C Mel is definitely going to be my tank. I’m debating gambling and putting Wu in too because he can really dangerous when I’ve fought him on offense, especially with buff booster. Actually been debating reseting my Li because I no longer use her for war (but I do use Wu and use him for a lot of other things too like titans and ninja tower) so would fully emblem that drunk monkey if he goes on defense.

Would appreciate thoughts and feedback though!

Also benched and not shown: 20 node sonya with costume


I guess this is a tourney where I could put meaningful mono defence, but let’s not go that way… I have couple of ideas, but I’m leaning towards this:

Yellows are not strong buffers, plus this team is packed with dispellers, 2 healers and decent amount of dmg. Was thinking to squeeze in Mist+11 instead of Ametrine, maybe next to Bryn.

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Ametrine dispell is nice but for same reason might be low on dmg if she will be charging till 3rd charge :wink:

Fortunately C. Tibs on top of attack boost will help, but I dont believe into these rule to buff anymore :slight_smile:

Just more dmg dealers who can have a buff along :slight_smile:

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In ideal world, the attacker will be busy trying to break through the central trio, which shouldn’t be easy. So Ametrine could be effective. The truth is, I’m trying not to oversaturate defence with greens. I could easily go that way: Almur+20, Hansel+18, c.Kashrek+20 are all benched. Maybe Almur would be ok in 4 greens + c.Tiburtus setup. :thinking:

The problem with going too many of any color are the troops. I could go green mono for defense, but 2 of the 3* troops will be at level 1 and another at level 2

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Thats not a problem if all troops are lvl 1 like mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, you’re saying that people used buffing heros in a buff booster tourney? :thinking:


Haha yes I’m a Captain Obvious but my buffing heroes aren’t necessarily the most emblemed or synergistic with my other emblemed heroes so there’s more to consider :stuck_out_tongue: I only had c Mel as my buffer last time this tourney came around. (He had much less emblems then) My defense was an A until the last day when it unfortunately turned into a B (which is unfortunate bc I dropped from top 10 in the tourney bc of my defense haha - ended up finishing 28th). So I could do a similar defense to last time with c Mel flanked by mist and tibs which I think will be safe to at least get a B or try something more risky and different with Wu which I think will either be spectacular or terrible. :smiley:


Got anything else ice wouldnt run a double healer

Just Sonya and the Heroes in the second picture with emblems from my first post. And I agree usually I wouldn’t put two healers but I think Buff booster is one of the formats that healer heavy teams can work, mostly bc slash attacks become OP once the buffs stack. Most of the top 10 finishers actually had 2 healers on defense last time too.


Kiril would be better than wu imo

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I know what you’re thinking when you contemplate about Wu in defence - it can hurt a lot!
But… Arguably the strongest colours in this tourney will be green and purple - both have buffers and dispellers. Costume Sabina is there, too! So, putting two yellows might be dangerous + relying mostly on buffs can be also risky. My idea for this one is 2 healers/buffers and 3 hitters. Just not sure about the 3rd hitter. :see_no_evil:


This probably isn’t a good idea, is it?

I will go with this. Success or failure. Lets see what happens


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