⚔ [13th Sept, 2020] - 73rd Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

Dude, you are spot on with this comment. My attempts to finess my way to an A grade has been holding me back. I have been trying to get overly creative instead of relying on what I know to be a working formula. I’ve been doing it for about a month now.
TY for giving me some honest feedback! I’d rather have that than candy coated niceties.
That’s not an invitation to call me a jerk tho my friends out there :joy:!

You give awesome details of your battles! You ever consider recording them? I’m going to start recording my RTS starting tomorrow

Day 3 so far:

Def: 1:0
Atk: 4:1

Def: 12:6 A (still A with 66.6%, don’t know why o.O)
Atk: 12:3


Another flawless day due to lucky boards or incredibly lucky cascades. Combined 14-1 record on attack.
As expected defense was only attacked once, won that one as well. Btw I’m using Grevle, Bauchan, Gill-ra, Carver, Jahangir, 6-9 emblems.


D 3 3W 2L
D 2 5W 0L
D 1 4W 1L

1 Hero ruined one complete battle - might surprise you who it was-
Yep, Carver hit me with all 5 of my heroes ready to fire and not much of a board to replenish. That Mana reduction took the wind out of the sails!
Now the top team screenshot was a bloodbath 0! Nuff said!!!

The Words have already been spoken (written). I’ll spare you guys the repetitive jumbled jargon.

What’s the saying? You can’t put a tuxedo on a pig? Idk there’s a saying something like that… Days 4 and 5 I’m going to focus on what I can control- my attacking. Let the defensive cards will fall where they may.


Day 3

1 bad board again…4 wins…some of them were easy…many tiles…finished in less than a minute. Kept my blue /green scheme.

12 : 3

Defense still holding.

2 : 1 C A A



Defense took 1 more loss yesterday after posting, so ended up at 3-4 ©. Today 2 wins 1 loss for 5-5(B).

Offense again 4-1, 1 board where I should have kept my greens… Took too long to flip the board, and by the time I could charge, I got wiped…

First match was almost lost due to tank valen reviving 4 times in a row, once being directly healed and twice going off… So annoying! (But I did manage. When Valen finally died. )

Last match was the most exciting, 2 of mine against a wing nordri and a wing greymane (both +20). Thankfully Grevle was 1 of the 2 and I won (when the tiles finally came again)


Carver was responsible for 1 of my losses and c.Azar who also has mana reduction to all was responsible for another. Both hit me at exactly the worse time possible, denying healing that may have turned the battle, instead all but guaranteeing my downfall. Mana reduction! ~shakes fist

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Day 3 - Today was ok. I went 4-1 attacking and 0-0 defending. Overall, I’m 11-4 attacking and 2-1 defending (A-rated defense). I ran into 2 all Dark defensive teams. It was relatively easy to defeat them as my Dark and Ice teams have a lot of heavy hitters. And as the attacking team, I controlled the board. Thus, they did not stand a chance. I did lose to an +100 team which I inadvertently triggered one of their heros and that initiated my downfall. Oh well. I still have a chance at Top 1% if I can have a clean slate for the rest of the week. Good luck all! :wink:


Day 3
4-1 offense (13-2 overall), defense picked up 3 more wins to stay a solid A (14-3 overall)

Single loss due to a mono purple defense - not because the defense was good (it wasn’t, they used a Bat+20 tank lol) - but only because the board died after a few rounds and just kept giving me yellow tiles. At one point I counted a whooping 21 yellows on the board. :expressionless: There’s just no recovering from that in a rush tourney, but at least I took out the tank so it wasn’t a total loss. At least my defense is doing very well this week.

Too lazy/not enough time to record vids, so verbal descriptions aka wall of text will have to do. :crazy_face:


EDIT: Day 4 (LOL, I got confused)

Offense. Had to rebuy on Day 3 but haven’t lost since, currently at 16-4.

Defense. A grade beginning the second day. Currently at 6-2.

Hoping for decent loot. :grin:


Day 4: 5-0, overall 16-4
Defence is at 4-5, graded C.

Today a different picture then yesterday - tough defences, but PLAYABLE boards. Faced couple of Gil Ra tanks, and one c.Brienne, so Gunnar was the man of the day to overwrite those nasty defence ailments. Most of the battles it was: Grevle, Hissan, Mneseus, Nordri, Gunnar.
Except the first, because it was green tank, so I took Hawkmoon, Bauchan, Ai Dunn, Grevle and Hissan. In the second battle used c.Gunnar to overwrite the Gunnar in defence team.


I believe it’s day 4. :joy::joy::joy:


Mine’s 11-0 grade A.

I rock! History shown over time.

No one has beaten that, right? Lol :joy:


In my other thread- people are saying I’ve put an unbreakable defense using Priska- I say it’s just average- so much weaker than the leaderboard.

I’m winning defenses because I can exploit the games flaws- rosters are artificially inflated or deflated depending in past performance. Hence, anyone left in the game will match with good past performance but weak roster- like this guy:

The other flaw is that bad boards are trigger by the RNG based on my ridiculous low offense that the opponents can’t get the tiles they need even if the offensive is half decent.

Oh wait! You guys don’t believe that bad boards exist …


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Your defence is solid. The one you proposed for next one is also solid. I don’t know how to tell you, but all your evidence is not proving what you claim. :joy:
It’s a correlation, not causation. To prove causation, you really need more. In statistics, we have something called “spourious regression”. Variables seemingly highly correlated, model looks good, but bottom line: it’s useless. :joy:

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No one who ever played this game said that. But yes, I don’t believe the distribution of bad boards for your attacker depends on your poor performance when attacking yourself. :joy:

I need a dev to say “yeah, we programmed a Board Nerf method for the Attack object class…”

Or, to see battles of your defence. At least, to hear experience of people actively involved in those battles. Without that, consider yourself a lucky person, and do what you always do. :blush:

You’re right! LOL. Will correct. These COVID days are confusing me.

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