⚔ [13th Nov 2022] - 186th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, No Holy/ Yellow

Here it is :slightly_smiling_face:. With that troop, my Mielikki will have 903 Def and 2009 hp :slightly_smiling_face:.


Congrats to @l2ider and @Roland56 for 25-0 :green_heart:


Gratz on a great RT. Not surprised your loss was to this team of 5 LB S1 +20 heroes. The superior talents make them the best 4*.

My most difficult attacks were facing multiple S1 heroes.

Even though my W3K defense was good on offense and maintained 65% A grade defense everyday, anyone who wants to do well for upcoming 4* RT should get their S1 heroes LB+20.

Why did I feed away my maxed kelile and hu tao??


I would try this team: Kiril, cSonya, cCaedmon, cMelendor, CoD (but double cTibs is a really big problem :confused: )
I wouldn’t use red heroes because cGormek is average (I have fast CoD) and blues are better against cTibs. Mielikki doesn’t scare me because she’s passive like Hulda (watch the videos)

I noticed it during the fight but it was too late… Maybe I should fight after work, not right before it starts :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I totally agree - classic heroes are great again :slight_smile:


Top 5%
O: 21-3
D: 46%

No real pattern in my losses. I did laugh at the defenses that had five healers. I guess it can work, but curious how often it works.

Funny that I’m mor excited for rare aethers than legendary.

Forgot I had an extra hit Wednesday and missed it. Maybe could have bumped me. Oh well.


That is ok team but I think 3 blue will have problem against Mielikki tank. Yeah, double C Tibs is a really big problem. They can also heal tank as well :smile:.

She is different from Hulda that she apply atk down instead. Even you remove her minion, you still have atk down ailment.

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Thank you for explaining me all of that.

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oh hey - late to the loot party? lol. the E def grade the first two days really hurt so i ended in 5% and my loot was pretty weak:

barbarian is the class i need the least. :stuck_out_tongue: oh well.

speaking of which, though, my cGormek will definitely go to +20 for the superior talent. @u2371 I’d probably go cRigard - BT - cGormek - CB Scarlett - cMelendor and pray for a good board.


Defenses of the top 10 finishers


But cSonya, cCaedmon and cbKiril (especially without costume) can clean her atk down with Tibs’s def down. I think people often forget that her ability is uncleansable only for reds (I forgot about that too when I wrote about cGormek earlier :rofl: ). So attacking your defense with red heroes is a very bad idea… :slight_smile:

That’s what i was talking about…

People need some time to learn not to attack Mielikki with reds. Once they do, she’ll never be a good tank again… But you have two cTibs who scare me :scream:

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Yes, moreover, even they manage to kill my Mielikki. Red stack will have problem against double C Tiburtus and C Kelile since red don’t have good cleanser (Shale isn’t good cleanser :smile:.).

That isn’t enough. People also have to learn to use and level their Gobbler and Captain of Diamonds too :smile:.

In fact, I actually prepare to attack Mielikki tank with reds. I am leveling my second C Kelile. I am going to use C Gormek + x2 C Kelile to attack Mielikki tank. C Kelile’s burn in uneffected by the atk down.

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The passage of time changes our views…

I have 2x Kelile, and never use 2x cKelile (you wait 2 turns before you fire second one). Besides, you still lose attack power when using tiles against Mielikki.

okay, reds are out of the game too lol. 3 greens, C Sonya and CB Rigard then? God, she is harder than I expected and I only faced 2 of them this tourney on wing lol. I actually need Gobbler for her or I might take C Gormek, cause he is there to kill minions, not do damage? CoD is weak color… it’s hard lol

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He has purple flanks (strong colour isn’t allowed) and red wings, so blue isn’t so weak in this case.
Additionally, it doesn’t matter how many times the tank fires as long as you’re using the “minion’s assassin” in your team.

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oh right. i’d eventually learn the hard way, i suppose, but i’ve yet to ever face one on defense myself, and i never noticed it when attacking. but thanks for the reminder.

in that case, it’s time to level my Gobbler. i think Gobbler / Marcel / Almur / cMelendor / cRigard would probably work. Marcel also will reverse the attack down.

i’m sure a lot of people just forget / don’t know Mielikki’s ‘uncleansable for reds’ part of her special. i had, and i have her and use her quite a bit. and by the time they realize it the battle has already begun and it’s too late. as people get burnt by it they will learn and she’ll slowly become a (slightly) less effective tank than she is now.


That is why me defense has 85.3% win rate even with 30+ attack :slightly_smiling_face:. It is probably the best defense in this tournament for now. I have on idea what can be better. Maybe, double slayer wing :smile:.

I actually face one Mielikki tank as well. Here it is.

I have to say even you bring C Gormek or Gobbler you still need significant amount of tile to kill her. Stacking red still do more damage than green even there are -24% atk down. Red do 200%. With -24% atk down mean 200% x (1 - 24%) = 152% > 100%.

In case of CoD, I don’t think he can do much well. He can only kill her minion and do some damage but he doesn’t heal while C Gormek or Gobbler heal which can make you live longer. And yes, blue also weak against her.

If you can’t kill her, she will summon minion and you have to start everything all over again. Once she have minion, the mana regen will make her become fast mana speed. My Mielikki’s minion has 301 hp. It is tough minion for 4*.

Mielikki is about as tough as Franz in term of stat but with her minion and atk down she is tougher. Moreover, in my defense, double C Tiburtus also heal her as well :smile:.

That isn’t true. You can’t fire the “minion’s assassin” all the time especially when you bring only one of them. During the gap, the minion will absorb your tile damage. The minion still have some effect anyway.

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…and I don’t need it. It’s a bit like fighting D’Andre. The only danger is speeding up mana charging. You can attack him only with tiles and wait for your heroes (all) to be ready. I know D’Andre doesn’t summon minions (extra HP), but all minions (1, 2 or even 3 per hero) disappear after using CoD/Gobbler/cGormek.

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I know the CoD/Gobbler/cGormek can remove all minion but in my defense Mielikki doesn’t like D’Andre. Her minion is like overheal not normal heal. There is a big different between normal heal tank and overheal tank. Against D’Andre you can hit him with tile to reduce some of his hp and then kill him with special skill before he fire again. But against Mielikki in my defense, you can’t do that.

Here is what I think about your team

Since your team is 3 blue. If you don’t use special skill, I don’t think you can kill my Mielikki with tile unless you get very very good board. And my double C Tiburtus also keep heal her as well. So, I think she well have full hp most of the time. In average board, with your team, the best situation, I can think of is that you charge all your heroes before my double C Tiburtus and C Kelile can fire. But my Mielikki is at full hp with about 2-3 layer of minion. Then you trigger my left C Tiburtus and C Kelile. Then you fire all your heroes to kill my tank. The problem is I don’t think CoD + C Sonya + C Caedmon can kill full hp Mielikki. My Mielikki has 903 Def and 2009 hp. You still tile to kill her. With the CB Kiril and C mendor buff but without atk down, I think your CoD + C Sonya + C Caedmon can do about 1600 damage. So, you need about tile 400 damage to kill her within 1 turns.

If you kill her, you have high chance to win. Without tank, you can get some ghost tile. With your cleanser, I think you can fight my my double C Tiburtus.

If not, it is very likely you will lose. She passive will active that she gain 15% hp and 15% mana. She summon minions. My double C Tiburtus heal her back. And you have to start everything again. But you have to survive my right C Tiburtus and Cillian. The longer battle, the most likely you will lose. However, it is very unlikely that you will get the second chance that you can charge every one in the same turns.

Why do you think i would kill the “passive” tank first? :scream: It would be pointless…
She should be “the last hero standing”! She would help CoD hit everyone and take tiles instead of cTibs.

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If you target one of my C Tiburtus instead, I think you can kill him but you will have no ghost tile column. I am not sure if that is better or not. Probably be the better choice if you don’t have enough tile to kill my Mielikki. Since you have 4 heroes to counter my C Tiburtus, I think it is better for you to kill my Mielikki than C Tiburtus. I know if you keep my Mielikki, your CoD will be able to hit my other heroes. But the minion also make my other heroes charge faster as well. I think you have to charge all your CoD, C Sonya and C Caedmon in the same turn to kill my Mielikki tank since your tile damage is weak. But that is hard to happen especially twice if my Mielikki tank is still alive. She will keep block your tile. You will need more blue and green tile than average board.

If I were you, I will choose to kill Mielikki tank first if there are enough tile under her. With a ghost tile column, it is safer since you can charge everyone faster and there is no mana regen buff on my other heroes.

Anyway, it will be interseting to see you attck my defense. I will keep running with that defense in 4* buff booster. I hope you face my defense in one day :slightly_smiling_face:.